10 Countries Where You Can Drive with an Indian Driving License

10 Countries Where You Can Drive with an Indian Driving License – If you have a driving license, you are very lucky. With this license, you can drive in many countries of the world. However, many countries require an international driving license to drive.


There are different methods for this. Even with your existing driving license, you can enjoy driving in some places in a few countries, without any problems…


10 Countries Where You Can Drive with an Indian Driving License

United States


Let’s talk to America, where the road is very famous for 66 road trips.


The road starts from Lake Michigan to Los Angeles.


The special thing is that Indians can drive on this road with a driving license.


However, there is a requirement that the license must be in English, and that the attested I-99 form must be written on the date of your entry into the United States.


America has a left-hand drive system, so you have to be very careful while driving here.



10-Countries-Where-You-Can-Drive-with-an-Indian-Driving-License-australia road

The good news for you is that in Australia you can also enjoy the drive with an Indian license.

Australia has a right-hand drive system, so you won’t have too many problems driving there.


There you can use the Indian license for one year in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory and up to three months in the Northern Territory.




France You can drive a full year with an Indian license.


But one condition for this is that you have to translate all the documents into French. France has a left-hand drive system, so you have to be a little more careful when driving there.


New Zealand


Here too you can use an Indian driving license for up to one year.


The condition is that the age should be above 21 years, you can rent a car if you want.


Also, the New Zealand Transport Authority must have an approved translation.




Switzerland is one of those countries where beauty will remind you of Manali, Shimla.


At the same time, even in this country, you can make good use of your driving license.


It is legal to use an Indian driving license for one year.


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Great Britain


In England, Scotland, and Wales you can enjoy the visit using any Indian driving license.


However, the condition is that only a certain class of vehicles can be driven under this license.


You are licensed for up to one year after entering the UK.


For this, you need to get an international driving license for a long time.




You can even use your existing Indian license in this country full of natural scenery.


Therefore, you need to get an international driving permit.


However, you can tour the whole of Mauritius in just one day.


South Africa

South Africa

D Africa also has a right-hand drive system. You will also see many cars running in India.


Many car companies in the country export vehicles here. Here you can also use your driving license.


You must have a photo and signature on the bus license.




Norway is called the land of the midnight sun.


Norway is a country that falls within the Arctic Circle.


The sun does not set here for about 76 days between May and July.


You can only drive here for three months with your Indian driving license.




Here too you can enjoy driving with your existing driving license.


The condition is that you must have an international driving permit.


You can go to Singapore from here.


All your documents, including your driving license, must be valid.

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