10 most expensive player transfers in football history

When it comes to football, don’t be surprised to hear about transfer fees that will blow your mind. The best teams in the world can easily forgo astronomical sums to agree to the football players they see. For detailed information about historical transfer fees of famous football players like Neymar, Mbappe and Coutinho, you can browse the rest of the article.


10 most expensive player transfers in football history


  1. Neymar

At the top of the list, Neymar was transferred from the Barcelona club to the Paris Saint-Germain club in 2017 for an astronomical fee of 222 million euros. This figure was recorded as the biggest money for a football player in history.


Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. was born on 5 February 1992 in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. He started playing football for Santos in 2003 at the age of eleven. Neymar turned professional in football in 2009, playing several matches with the Santos club’s infrastructure team.


In his first year as a professional, he was named Young Footballer of the Year in the Campeonato Paulista and was one of the players who contributed significantly to the Copa Libertadores victory that year. At the age of eighteen, he played his first international game against the United States and scored a goal in that game.


Neymar, who attracted the attention of many clubs playing football in 2010, became the center of attention of clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter and Barcelona.


In 2013, he won the Golden Ball award after scoring four goals in five matches in Confederations Cup matches with the Brazil national team.


Before the start of the 2013–2014 season, he signed a contract with Barcelona club for a transfer fee of 57 million euros. After a successful time at Barcelona, ​​he moved to Paris Saint-Germain ahead of the 2017–2018 season for a record transfer fee of €222 million.


In addition to his testimonial fee, Neymar spent a total of 446.75 million euros at the French club with an annual income of 45 million euros.

  1. Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is second on the list of the highest paid footballers in Lotte’s transfer list. On 31 August 2017, he was loaned to Paris Saint-Germain from Monaco.


With his performance, he signed a contract with the PSG club until 2022 for a total of 180 million euros with an option to buy 145 million euros + 35 million euros bonus. Kylian Mbappe’s father was a Cameroonian football coach and his mother was a former Algerian handball player.


Killian’s siblings, who were born into a sporting family, also had an interest in football. He first started playing football at the Football Academy Bondi, in the town where he was born.


Later, he was able to make a name for himself playing at Clairefontaine and Monaco football academies. His success, which began in Monaco, continued in the 2016–2017 season, rising from his reserves to the top eleven. He scored fifteen goals and provided eight assists in the league that season, helping his team become league champions after seventeen years.


It was later leased to PSG with an option to buy for €180 million. During his career with the national team, he played a major role in the French team’s first place finish at the 2016 UEFA Under-19 Football Championship.


With five goals in the tournament, Mbappe drew attention as the second highest goalscorer. Later, he became a regular in the first eleven wearing the national team jersey regularly.


He managed to write his name in history by contributing significantly to France’s 2018 FIFA World Cup victory.


  1. Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho Correa is third on the list with a transfer value of €160 million. The Brazilian footballer who moved from Liverpool to Barcelona in January 2018 deserves to be on the record transfer list.


Coutinho was born in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Playing ball with his brothers on concrete pitches, Coutinho later enrolled in a local football academy. The youth coach of Brazilian football club Vasco da Gama saw his talent at a tournament and contacted his father to recruit him.


Thus, he started playing in Vasco da Gama team in 1999. He played in all the lower levels of the team for several years before finally reaching the second team in 2008. In 2009, he was promoted to the A team and played in the A. team in the 2009–2010 season. When his talent caught on here, he was transferred to Italian side Inter in 2010.


In January 2013, he signed a contract with Liverpool for €8.5 million. Coutinho, who was expected to explode at the club, made his mark as king of assists in the Premier League. This rise saw him sign a contract worth €120m transfer + €40m success bonus, the highest transfer figure in Barcelona’s history.


  1. Joao Felix

Fourth on the list, Portuguese football player Joao Felix was transferred from Benfica club to Atletico Madrid in 2019 for a transfer fee of 126 million euros.


Joao Felix Sequeira was born on the 10th day of November 1999 in Viseu, Portugal. He started playing for the Benfica reserve team at the age of 16 and in the following years he showed his talent and became one of the best players in the team.


He made his debut for the Benfica A team in 2018, when they beat Boavista. A few months later, on 11 April 2019, Joao Félix became the youngest player to score a hat-trick in the UEFA Europa League in a 4–2 win over Eintracht Frankfurt. Catching everyone’s attention, Joao Felix signed a seven-year contract on 3 July 2019 with a record transfer fee of €126 million.


Considered the golden boy of football, Felix, who has always shown his talent while playing in different positions during his career at Atletico Madrid, was sidelined for a month due to injury in October 2019. With the departure of Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid, he is now the most important player in the team.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most recognized football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has become a phenomenon, ranks fifth in the list of transfer records. Ronaldo moved from Real Madrid club to Juventus in 2018 for a transfer fee of 117 million euros and earned the right to be included in this list.


The famous Portuguese football player was born on 5 February 1985 in Funchal, Madeira Islands, Portugal. Although a heart attack at the age of fifteen caused him to quit football, a successful laser operation resolved the problem and Ronaldo was able to continue playing football.


In 2003, he was spotted by Alex Ferguson at the stadium’s opening match between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United and moved to United for £12.25 million at the end of the 2002–2003 season.


He scored his first goal for Manchester United on 1 November 2003 against Portsmouth. Ronaldo became even more famous when he was awarded Barclays Player of the Month in November and December 2006. Despite a rumored transfer to Real Madrid in 2007, he renewed a five-year contract for £31 million. However, to everyone’s surprise, he moved to Real Madrid in 2009 for a transfer fee of 94 million euros.


(Actually, with this statistic, he should be ninth on the list, if Gonzalo Higuain is added to the list to avoid a repeat.) Ronaldo, who played for Real Madrid from 2009 to 2018, played for the Spanish team. His successful football brought many trophies.


In the 2018–2019 season, despite being thirty-two years old, he transferred to Juventus for a whopping 117 million euros. Ronaldo, who tops the list of highest paid footballers overall, returns to Manchester United in 2021 and shows his loyalty to the club.


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10 most expensive player transfers in football history


  1. Ousmane Dembele

French footballer Ousmane Dembele is in sixth place in the transfer list. With his performances at the Dortmund club, the young and talented footballer moved to Barcelona in 2017 for a record transfer fee of 115 million euros.


Ousmane Dembele was born on 15 May 1997 in Vernon, France. Thanks to his recognized talent, he entered professional life, first playing in the Rennes reserve team and then being promoted to the A team. Ousmane Dembele, who also started playing for the French national team, continued his successful run following in the footsteps of the national team.


He made his debut for France on 1 September 2016 against Italy at the Stadio San Nicola. Discovered by scout teams, Dembele signed a five-year contract with German club Borussia Dortmund in 2016.


With his performances in the Borussia Dortmund team, he moved to Barcelona in August 2017 for 115 million euros. Like many other football players, he contributed a lot to the success of France’s World Cup win in 2018.


  1. Paul Pogba

Seventh on the list, French footballer Paul Pogba joined the ranking with his move from Juventus to Manchester United for €105 million. Paul Labile Pogba was born in 1993 in Seine-et-Marne, France to a Muslim family in Guinea.


When Pogba was only six years old, he started in the infrastructure of the Roissy-en-Bree club, a football team located a few kilometers from his home. The famous player, who studied football here until 2006, moved to Torsi, another amateur club, in 2006.


Attracting attention here, Pogba progressed to professionalism in the team’s infrastructure at Le Havre in 2007. Pogba’s performances, especially in national and international youth tournaments, were noticed by major clubs at home and abroad.


Pogba, who broke into the Manchester United squad in 2009, has had trouble this season due to disagreements between La Havre and United. He was turned professional on 19 February 2011 by Alex Ferguson, who was included in the squad for the FA Cup fifth round match against Crawley Town.


Pogba, who did not sign a new contract with Manchester United, signed a four-year contract with Juventus on 27 July 2012. The famous football player, who was praised by the authorities for his successful football at Juventus, scored thirty-four goals and assisted forty-three in one hundred and eight official matches.


In 2016, the footballer, who was again transferred by Manchester United, the club he is best known for, was paid the full €105 million transfer fee.



  1. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale, who moved from English club Tottenham to Real Madrid for 101 million euros, is number eight on the list of high-priced transfers. Gareth Frank Bell was born on 16 July 1989 in Cardiff, Wales.


Bell, who started his education at Eglwys NewAid Primary School in Whitchurch, has since coached at a number of football academies due to his interest in football. After his talent as a football player was discovered, he started his professional career in 2006 with Southampton Championship team.


On 6 August 2006, Bale scored his first goal from a free kick in a 1–1 draw against Derby County. After scoring a number of free kicks, Bale won the BBC 11 Wales Young Athlete of the Year award in December 2006, known as the Carwin James Award. Thus, the famous player, as he became known, was recommended to Tottenham by the scout team.


The Tottenham adventure that started in 2007 lasted exactly six years. Although he usually played on the left wing, he also played on the right wing and behind the striker. Bale, who scored forty-three goals in one hundred and thirty-six matches with his team and grabbed the attention of everyone with his outstanding success, transferred to the Real Madrid club on September 1, 2013 for a fee of 101 million euros.


Bale, who made his debut for Real Madrid on 14 September 2013, started well by scoring his first goal in the match. Famous footballers who have played many matches with the Wales national team have become essential to the national team in their success here.


  1. Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain, who entered the list in lieu of C Ronaldo’s €94 million move to Real Madrid, finished ninth with a €90 million transfer fee when he moved from Napoli to Juventus. Promoted to the first team in 2004, Higuain plunged into professional playing life by signing his first contract.


The Argentine football player, who played with his team in the 2006-2007 season, managed to attract the attention of many clubs as one of the players supporting the team with eight goals and eleven assists. Gonzalo Higuain, who began negotiations with Real Madrid at the end of the 2006–2007 season, signed a six-year contract.


Thanks to the successful performance of the footballer who played for Real Madrid for six seasons, he signed a contract with the Napoli team in 2013 for 39 million euros. Napoli had the most productive years of his football career and he achieved many successes with the club. In 2016, he moved from Napoli to Juventus for a record transfer fee of €90 million.


  1. Romelu Lukaku

Tenth and last on the list is Romelu Lukaku, who moved from Everton to Manchester United in 2017 for £75 million or around €85 million.


Lukaku, who started playing football at the age of twelve at Anderlecht Infrastructural, made a name for himself in his first season scoring 26 goals in seventeen matches against rivals four years older than him.


Everton’s biggest blaster, the legendary footballer scored twenty goals in forty-eight appearances in the 2014-2015 season. In 2019, he signed a five-year contract with Inter club for a whopping transfer fee of €84.7 million.

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