10 Most Successful Female Footballers in the World

The distance that men and women have traveled in equality is one of the most important achievements of our century, one of the most important facts of the contemporary world.


Women, who were previously not allowed and prevented from showing themselves, have been able to make their names heard as successful and talented people in many professions, arts, sports and many other fields as men.


In some areas that have become taboo and are called inaccessible, women have been able to use their strength and intelligence to overcome this status quo mentality.


In sporting events, which hold an important place in the recognition of both countries and individuals in the world, women have created a sensation just like men and have become famous names in some sports disciplines that have become a huge field.


She was instrumental in diversifying this equality by successfully showcasing male-dominated sports such as tennis, basketball, athletics and even boxing, wrestling and weightlifting.


Undoubtedly, football is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the highest grossing sport of the last century and watched by billions of people.


Although this sport, which has been dominated by men for many years, has been attempted by women in previous centuries, these attempts have always been weak and unsuccessful for various reasons.


The first women’s football match in London in 1895 was later banned and called off several times. The first international women’s football match in history was played in 1920 between Dick, Kerr’s Ladies FC, an English women’s football club and a French women’s football team.


Later, in England, which is considered to be the origin of football, as a result of a meeting held on 10 December 1921 with the participation of about thirty women’s football teams, it was decided to establish an independent women’s football association (Ladies’ Football Association). , a tournament was organized the following year, but the tournament did not attract enough attention, some matches were played over several years and the teams were inactive for a period of time.


This phase continued until 1969, but when the Women’s Football Association was established in England that year, women’s football finally gained momentum.


With the 1970–1971 season, the first official women’s football tournament, the FA Women’s Cup, was again held in England and went down in history as a great breakthrough.


Now, female football players have a platform where they can showcase their talent and better themselves by participating in organizations that have made their names known in this field. Thanks to this rapid pace, several national women’s football leagues began to be established within a short period of time and some famous football teams became pioneers in keeping up with this change with their female football players.


In the 70s, international tournaments such as the European Women’s Football Tournament and the Asian Women’s Football Tournament began to be held. Large-scale tournaments such as the European Football Championship in 1984 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991 began to be held for the first time.


Women’s football became an official competition at the 1996 Summer Olympics and it is now certain that women’s voices will be heard in the game.


Although it was a difficult road, thanks to these developments, female footballers who broke the stereotype that “soccer is a man’s game” and with their skills in this regard, made this pleasant development leaving many male footballers behind. game.


Today there are many female soccer players who have made a name for themselves all over the world with their impressive skills. Let’s get to know these names together and take another step towards gaining the popularity they deserve


10 most successful female footballers in the world


  1. Marta

The talented football star, whose full name is Marta Vieira da Silva and known to the world as Marta, was born in 1986 in Brazil.


Everyone knew about her interest and talent in football at an early age, Marta was discovered while playing at the Vasco da Gama club when she was only fourteen, and thanks to her success, she was promoted from this team to Sweden’s Umea. IK was transferred to the team.


The talented football player, who achieved many successes with the Brazilian national team, continued his career in famous football clubs and was awarded international awards. She is one of the most famous female football players in the world today.


  1. Megan Rapinoe


Megan Anna Rapinoe, or better known as Megan Rapinoe, was born in 1985 in the United States of America.


Rapinoe, who was both a successful student and a talented basketball player during her high school years, later became one of the most famous female soccer players in the United States thanks to her talent for soccer.


Between 2002 and 2005, she was prominent in the amateur women’s league and began her professional playing career with the Chicago Red Stars team. The famous soccer player, who is also the captain of the United States women’s soccer team, is also a well-known rights defender and activist.


  1. Wendy Renard

Wendy Renard, born in 1990 on the French island of Martinique, is one of the most famous names among French women’s soccer players.


Wendy Renard, whose talent was discovered at the age of fifteen, moved from the island of Martinique to France with the desire to play football and began training at the INF Clairefontaine football academy.


The famous football player, who joined the Lyon club in 2006, achieved many successes and made a name for himself. Wendy Renard, a longtime ballplayer in the France women’s national football team, is also the captain of the national team.


  1. Nilla Fischer

The famous Swedish woman Nilla Fischer was born in 1984 in Kristianstad, Sweden. Neela Fischer, one of the most important players in Swedish women’s football, made her debut playing for FC Rosengård.


The famous footballer, who later achieved success at Wolfsburg and Linköpings, is one of the constant players of the Swedish women’s national team and a talented name known around the world.

Kim Alison

  1. Kim Little

Kim Alison Little was born on 29 June 1990 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Kim Little, who enjoyed playing football with her brother and father from a very young age, came to prominence after joining the Hibernian Girls team in 2005.


The famous footballer, who has been followed by many clubs thanks to his remarkable talent, started playing Hibernian LFC football between 2006 and 2008. Continuing her career at Arsenal Women’s Football Club in 2008, Kim Little is one of the most valuable players. Scottish national team.


10 most successful female footballers in the world


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  1. Jennifer Marozson

Jennifer Marozsan, who was born in Hungary in 1992, immigrated to the country in 1996 after her soccer player father Janos Marozsan moved to Germany.


Marozsan started his football career in Barbach, where he played for the men’s team. Due to his young age, his family was granted German citizenship by the German Football Association.


The famous footballer who played for the FC Saarbrucken club between 2007 vs 2009 wore the jersey of the FFC Frankfurt club between 2009 and 2016. Playing for the German national team for many years, Marozsson has achieved valuable success with this jersey. ,


  1. Lucy Bronze

The famous soccer player, whose full name is Lucia Roberta Tough Bronze and Lucky Bronze, was born in England in 1991. Playing in a defensive position, Bronze has worn the jerseys of Sunderland, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester City and impressed many. With his talent.


The famous football player, who has played for the English national team for many years, has achieved a lot of success for both the national team and the club. She made history in 2019 as the first English player to win the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award and continues to do so today.


  1. Eugenie Le Sommer

Born in France in 1989, Eugenie Le Sommer is the second of seven children. Le Sommer’s mother also played football and began his career at Trelissac Football Club when he was just five years old.


The famous football player, whose talent was noticed in a short period of time, continued his football career at FC Lorient. Le Sommer, who has had a lot of success with the French national team and other clubs, has become the top scorer for the French women’s national team.


  1. Hope Solo

Hope Amelia Solo was born in 1981 in the United States. Between 1996 and 1998, when he was in high school, he played as a forward and made history by scoring one hundred and nine goals.


During his years at the University of Washington, he changed his position and started playing as a goalkeeper. After playing for European clubs such as Gothenburg and Olympique Lyonnais, he continued his career in the United States. She has gone down in history as one of the most famous goalkeepers in women’s football.


  1. Sam Kerr

The famous star, whose full name is Samantha May Kerr, is one of the most famous female representatives of Australian football. Famous football player born in 1993 is Australia’s top scoring female football player.


First continuing his professional career in the United States and England, Kerr is one of the most important players in the Australian national team. She also made history as the first Australian player (male or female) to score a hat-trick in a World Cup match.

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