10 Things related to Irrfan Khan’s Life Career

Irrfan Khan was a highly talented actor whose performance has been praised at the world level. In Irfan’s 30-year-long career, he has played many different role plays which will be seen as an inspiration in the future. Here, we will tell you about 10 things related to Irrfan Khan’s life career which you might not know.


  1. Irrfan was offered the film “The Lunch Box” and liked the story of the film but he had already played an older character in “Life of Pi” and “The Namesake”, and again he No older characters wanted to play.


The film’s director Ritesh Batra was cast by Irrfan to cast Nasiruddin Shah in the lunch box, but Ritesh Irrfan wanted to cast him in the film. After thinking about it for a few months, Irrfan signed the lunch box and the audience supported the film from everywhere. Lunch Box is one of his one of the best films which is popular among fans and audiences even today.


  1. Irrfan also worked in the serial Jai Hanuman, and upon reaching the set he came to know that the role is not of his type at all. Irrfan shot the serial for just one day and after that, he did not return to the set. Irrfan refused to dub it as Irrfan considered it the most regressive role of his career.


  1. Irrfan wanted to recover for his wife when he came to know about cancer. Irrfan wrote in a letter that Sutapa never gave up his entire life on him, and even today he is applying entire efforts for his recovery. The two looked quite good together and Sutapa also helped Irrfan’s film selection.


  1. A lot of people think that Irfan is from a poor family but the fact is that his father used to live from the Zamindar Family. However, Irrfan stated in an interview as Father was a very self-sensitive person who did not take any part of his property and lived in his own house. Irfan’s father had a tire-making business, and since childhood, he has practiced a middle-class life.


  1. Irrfan’s real name is Sahibzade Irrfan Ali Khan and he felt that he is not going to get a job with this name in the film but also in the office. Therefore, he used the short version of his name Irfan Khan.


  1. Irfan used to be very shy and unconfident due to being thin in childhood. He was also bullied at school for his weight, due to which he could not even talk in front of more people.


  1. Made his debut in the film “Salaam Bombay” in 1988, his character in the film works in writing. There were many scenes in the film, but his role was cut, when Irrfan came to know about this, he was crying. It was his first film so he was very sad when his role was cut.


  1. Irfan was asked which was the most challenging role of his career, so he mentored the series “Life of Pi” and “In Treatment”. You must have seen “Life of Pi”, but in “In Treatment”, Irrfan plays a depressed man. For which he had done the research for many months, and for him, this role will also go well. These treatments are a series of SPOs where you can see Irfan in session three.


  1. Irrfan won the National Award in the Best Actor category for the film “Paan Singh Tomar”, and was also awarded the Filmfare Award for the same year for the film. In 2018, he again received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for “Hindi Medium”.


Irrfan Fimalfare and such similar awards were not regarded as authentic. He said that these awards are given to set the ego of big actresses, I do not believe in their selection process. For me, the National Award is the Authentic Award, which I was happy to win.


  1. Irrfan gave one of the best performances of his career in the film Maqbool, but surprisingly, Irrfan was not nominated for a single award that year. Talking about the Filmfare, five nominations were made and three of them were in the name of Sharukh. Sharukh was nominated for Swadesh, Main Hoon Na, and Veer Zara. But in the end, he won the Best Actor Award for Swadesh.


Indian award system seriously is very buy raised where Irfan’s so hard-hitting performance could not get a nomination and Shah Rukh’s comic character was included in the nomination.

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