12 Most Movies and Web Series of Women Empowerment

12 Most Movies and Web Series of Women Empowerment – Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on 26th August. This is a day when women’s rights are respected and of course its importance in women’s lives


On the one hand, such women had to fight for their rights step by step, on the other hand, now things are slowly becoming normal.


Now women are being given a separate place in films too and now there is no role for women glamor where they are in the film. Now women have their own identity.


Of course ‘Mother India’ played such a role, but after a while, women were only used as glamor.


If you talk about different characters of women, you can watch many movies and web series to celebrate this day. Tell us which movies you can watch


12 Most Movies and Web Series of Women Empowerment


Lust Stories

lust stories

The Lust Stories are not the stories of men, but the stories of women who recognize their sexuality in different ways and in different situations and try to be happy at the same time.


Women of all ages can discharge their sexuality, as shown in this picture.


Dil Dhadakne Do


The role of Priyanka Chopra in this film is completely different and this film gives a message that women do not need men to do anything. At the same time, she has the right to think about her family planning and make decisions about her career.




Rasbhari has shown that if a woman feels comfortable in her sex, she is called her husband’s stolen girl. In such a situation the film takes a very interesting turn.


Women should not only look at their sexuality and try to find out their identity, it has been shown in this series.


Lipstick Under My Burkha


Women have desires and so do men. Women of all ages may have different aspirations. Someone has to become popular and stuck in a cycle of rituals, someone is old and they have spent their whole lives alone.


Someone’s husband wants some kind of relationship with her and this is shown in this picture. The women involved in the film finally find their joy in each other’s friendships.


Begum Jaan


It is a film where some women are fighting for their freedom.


Their head is also a strong woman and trying to show that these women sell their bodies and make a living, they can fight the soldiers and the whole army even in case of problems.


They want the freedom to live independently.




A woman becomes a witch if she thinks about her desires or seeks a friend from a partner. Bulbul is a very interesting concept of the film which makes it special.


The film also criticizes domestic violence and reveals that a woman can also take the form of a witch to punish husbands who kill women.




There is a female constable who resorted to her sexuality to prove herself but she is more than just the body. He is brave and has the courage to handle things around him.


A Woman’s Courage XI series shows how she works in front of her comfort zone




The girl who doesn’t go to the store next to her house alone, spreads her break after marriage, goes alone in her honeymoon, and makes the world colorful.


If he wants to do whatever he wants with his crush and has the ability to make money on his own. You will love the story of introducing yourself to this woman.




The woman’s ‘no’ meaning is explained in this film. This film shows what happens if a girl refuses to give sexual favors to a boy and why she is always raised in her character.




Regardless of the type of domestic violence, this is wrong. Ignore that even giving a Thappad would not be okay. Every woman is always advised to ignore the little things, but there is no need to avoid them.


If the woman wants, she can go ahead and decide her own life.




The woman does not need the help of any man to save the family, she is so brave to fight and to fight a fight with her own hands. In this series of Sushmita Sen you will be able to see the role of a strong woman




In the region where women have to live behind the scenes, women seek happiness with each other and their story is very unique.


In addition to searching for her sexuality, she is also trying hard to create her own separate identity and in the midst of all this, she is looking for her happy moments.


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