5 Most Common Mistakes during House Cleaning

Preparing a home can seem daunting, but when it comes to giving up everything, there are many mistakes … be careful and make your home cleaner than ever!

If you really don’t like doing homework, cleaning a home can be a regular task, but it is inevitable. However, there are some small mistakes that can put all your effort into the garbage and make your home look dirty.

In most cases, hygiene is something you learn to stress and stumble upon. Everyone has their own strategy of cleaning, washing dishes or cleaning the toilet, but this is not what you think of every day.

Here are 5 common mistakes you can make when cleaning a home, due to routine or carelessness:

  1. Use a cloth for everything
  2. Rub into circles
  3. Use a feather duster
  4. Do not clean the vacuum cleaner
  5. Wash the windows on sunny days

1. Use a cloth for everything

The bathroom and kitchen are not easy to rub with the same cloth, towel or sponge. If you do this, you are spraying dirt from house to house and spreading germs everywhere.

2. Rub into circles

If you do not polish a surface, it is better to stick to it and just create a circle. Use the lower speed from left to right.

3. Use a feather fountain

Although we see them in cartoons all the time, feathers do not clean the basket. These tools just allow the dust to be pulled and removed from the surface like furniture … can be transported directly to the ground. Work twice!

4. Do not clean with a vacuum cleaner

It is surprising to think that the appliances used to clean a house are dirty, so many people forget to clean it. A filter is a part where most of the dirt is frozen and so you should replace it as soon as possible so that the suction capacity is not reduced.

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5. Wash the windows on a sunny day

Running a glass cleaner on a rainy day may seem rushed, but it is most effective. The sun warms the windows, giving you dry water and soap before cleaning. Therefore, cloudy days are better for removing dirt from windows by taking advantage of those moments when it is not raining.

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