5 tips not to miss gifts on important dates

Tips not to miss gifts on important dates – Does the mother not want to fill the child’s life with gifts? Every parent wants their child’s life to be sweet, pleasant, and full of eternal grace full of joy. However, there is no need to spend a gift with a toy mountain to celebrate the love that she felt for her child or to celebrate his birthday.


It is true that many people express their love and joy for their child’s achievement through gifts or great celebrations, so sometimes during many dates like birthdays or Christmas they give themselves Ending so that these little people get a lot of gifts.


Just as it is also true that a child’s parents and relatives are often tempted to buy a lot, sometimes it feels like they “go with the gift”. Giving a gift is not bad, but remember that with every action you are inculcating values, educating your child.


As a parent, you wonder if so many toys are really necessary. However, beyond that, how instructive is it that our children receive so many gifts? If you are facing this dilemma, you should read this series of tips when giving a gift to your child, so that you should consider them.


5 tips not to miss gifts on important dates


The important thing is the people who are always on your side

Gifts are exciting and part of a birthday or Christmas party celebration, but in the end, what the child will remember will be with the people with whom he celebrated this moment.


Surely when he was an adult he would remember what he would share that day with his grandparents, cousins, or friends among others. The happiest moments of sharing, the laughter, the play, and perhaps the flavors of the cake will remind you the most.


Joining together to buy gifts can be a good idea

Guests at a party can usually arrange to buy the gift together, so the child will not have a heavy mug of any of the items and even a repeating gift. And conversely, they can buy something more sustainable that children can take advantage of in the long run.


What to think about giving toys

Play is an essential part of children’s learning and development, which is why parents care so much about their children’s toys.


Therefore, to avoid unwanted gifts or games that children will not use, they can guide and advise grandparents and friends or even make a small list of functional toys and according to the age of the child. Young people will certainly appreciate the advice.


Better than many

Believe it or not, kids aren’t able to consolidate all the gifts they receive, and it’s common knowledge that only three or four of them choose their new toys.


In some cases, you will only be interested in one more than the other. Therefore, it is better to get some gifts and it is of good quality, many are soon budgeted or bound in the closet.


Listen to their opinions

When making the list, do not forget that the child’s opinion is important, children’s opinion should always be heard. After all, they use these gifts.


You can also ask her about last year’s toys or some of the gifts she donated so she can practice designing these elements from an early age.


No need to buy gifts

If you are going to a party where the guest is younger than your child, you can choose your own and a toy that is no longer used and in good condition. This way they will give it a second life, it will prevent the toy from being recharged for being forgotten in a closet and you will give your child a good education in environmental education. 5 tips not to miss gifts on important dates


The best word to describe the brains of children is sponges because they soak up information, patterns, and what is taught very quickly; They readily accept and accept everything they receive. If every time they are celebrated for a birthday or something they are allowed to get extra gifts every time they will unknowingly start the habit of consumers, it will be difficult for them to appreciate the value of things and gifts. Yes.


Sharing will always be the best and healthiest when it comes to accepting gifts and giving gifts, so it’s time for adults to acknowledge something: we all love to use new gifts for kids, even a brief moment. Also, some adults use this gift more than the child.


And if it happens to adults, you can imagine that more child friends want to use their new toys. Therefore, the right toy is something that everyone likes, can be shared, and allows them to spend hours and hours enjoying it together.


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