6 Ways to Increase Your Resistance in a Natural Way

6 Ways to Increase Your Resistance – Can Your Immune System get a Boost? We have Tips!


There may be infected people with symptoms of coronavirus around you, and you have to stay away from them. Is your resistance enough to fight the virus? If not, here are 6 ways to increase your resistance in a natural way.



Try to relax as much as you can, because stress can cause intruders to react well to impair the ability of your immune system. In a stressful situation, your body prioritizes it, rather than other important processes in your body. Try some breathing exercises or yoga sessions to reduce stress and relax.

Eat Enough Antioxidants


To keep our body cells in balance and healthy, eating the right foods is important. Research shows that the antioxidants in your food help your body fight disease. Vegetable foods such as watermelon, cranberry, hazelnuts and spices such as cloves, garlic and turmeric are high in antioxidants. It provides building material to our body which protects against bacteria and viruses.


According to the Nutrition Center, consider vitamin C as well. Vitamin C has an antioxidant function in the body and is essential for the formation of connective tissue, iron absorption, and maintenance of resistance.

Keep your digestive system healthy

Digestion is an extremely important part of our immune system. Your microbiome, intestinal bacteria, trains your immune system, as it were.


According to Stomach Liver Intestine, gut bacteria teach our immune system to leave good bacteria alone and attack bad bacteria. In this way your immune system continues to function properly. You understand: It is very important to take good care of your digestion.


Your diet affects how many and which bacteria live in your gorge. The best food option for your stomach?


Go for fruits and vegetables. Despite running on shelf-stable products, it is important to eat fresh food.

Select high fiber products. Your intestinal bacteria love fiber. So choose whole grain products. Whole wheat bread, but also whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

Drink enough water. Water helps your digestive system, it helps your body absorb nutrients in the intestines, and it helps transport nutrients and wastes around the body.


Regular exercise improves many functions of the body. Whether you’re sick or not, it can make a difference. For example, if you exercise regularly, your lungs get better ventilation. You increase your general archive by practicing and treating you better from small infections.


And you don’t even have to sweat it out, adding to your resistance activity by increasing your heart rate three times a week.


Researchers aren’t sure how to help boost immunity, but research has shown that blood cells work better (which helps fight infection) for those who practice.


Exercise is also involved in the release of endorphins. These are the natural hormones that positively affect the brain. They relieve pain and promote a feeling of relaxation. So it helps to improve stress and sleep.

Keep Yourself Clean

Personal hygiene can also help you increase your resistance. If you are clean, your pathogen is less likely to be infected. It is best to wash your hands regularly with disinfectant soap or a good hot bath.



Not getting enough sleep can worsen your resistance and make you ill. When you sleep, you create cytokine hormones that you distribute against infections and diseases. So the biological clock is not only regulated when we sleep and awake, but it also affects our susceptibility to bacteria and disease. So rest enough for strong resistance. Can’t sleep When sleep experts do these things when they can’t sleep.

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