7 Seater SUV Tata Harrier & KIA Seltos – Why Tata Harrier sold less than KIA Seltos

Welcome to the car news section, today we will give you information about the new SUV Harrier of Tata Motors, especially for those car lovers who are most interested in SUV range, and compare its price with KIA Seltos.


Tata Motors introduced the new model of Harrier SUV in India, but Tata Harrier sales did not increase much despite being updated with new design and better features.


Sales Compare of Tata Harrier vs KIA Seltos


In February 2020, only 600 models of this car were sold, and Seltos sold 14,000 models. The KIA Seltos captures this category perfectly with its impressive sales while Tata sells 1000 models per month is After all, why Tata Harrier failed to attract so many customers.


The Biggest Reason for the Failure of Tata Harrier Sales


The biggest reason for this is the high cost of accessories. Tata Harrier’s SUV starts at rupees 1,300,000 lakh in India, do not the same for Seltos SUV, it starts at just rupees 8, 00,000, so the price of Tata Harrier SUV is rupees 2, 00,000 more than Seltos.


Customer Convert for KIA Seltos


Tata Motors has added a number of new features to the new Harrier, as the company did not feature in the old model of Harrier’s SUV. However, it was too late and the customers headed for the KIA Seltos.


All-New Tata Harrier


But the new model of the Tata Harrier is very good now, you will see a powerful diesel engine of 170 PS and the sunroof. Along with the new interior and features of the dual-tone exterior, the new Harrier’s starting price now starts at 900000 (showroom).


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