7 Ways You Can Connect With Nature Without Home

Although we have to stay home during this time, the nice weather shows us that nature follows its path and spring is here. In today’s article we will explore together how we can stay connected to the environment, even when parks are closed and tours are celebrated.


7 Ways You Can Connect With Nature Without Home


Create a bird feeder


Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the traveling birds. You can help them if you cannot go to see them in their natural environment but bring them closer to you by creating food for them on the porch or courtyard. All you need is a jar or flower pot and bird food that can be purchased from almost any supermarket. Depending on the size you can visit multiple birds and enjoy their trail. Change this regularly and we assure you that you will get an audience every day.


Inform yourself


Read more and more books on this topic. Watch shows on dedicated television stations. Find interesting and short videos on YouTube. Choose to receive new information about the universe and the nature around it. If you have children, you can do this activity with them. Not only will you spend quality time together, but knowing it better will make you feel closer to nature.


Planting flowers


Even if you are on a block, planting flowers is a good idea. You can choose bulbs for planting and caring for pots. You will be happy to see how the flowers begin to grow under your eyes. During this period when fear is spread over most people, where we hear of many deaths, it is good to see how life comes into your hands. Furthermore, it is an activity for which children will be held accountable.


Make sure you keep them in the window so you can enjoy the light and sunshine. That way they will grow beautifully and give you a magical game of colors or the smell of a drug.


Vertical gardening


No matter how much space you have, you can enjoy a vertical garden built indoors or out. A vertical garden is a perfect way to have a vertical part during this period. This can be done on the interior walls of the living room, office or porch or courtyard. The materials used to create this type of garden are varied: recycling items (paint boxes, pallets, plastic bottles), household items (crates, boxes) or special kits available at DIY stores. You can attract yourself to different tree deals, parsley, green onion, strawberry or decorative and lichen tree service. In addition to bringing the physical to you, creating a vegetable wall offers many benefits: it refreshes the air, separates sound and heat from the sound, and provides a special interior / exterior design.


Buy vegetables and fruits from local farmers


Instead of buying vegetables and fruits from supermarkets, choose to order from local growers. Except that you benefit from a very healthy and fresh product, you’ll enjoy special perfumes that remind you of your grandparents’ garden. You will feel a strong connection to nature, the products will give you the gift of it and bring you about a part of it. Do you know the incredible smell of garden tomatoes? I’m talking about him.


Composition or drawing


Any art form brings you closer to nature. Take the time and present it from your perspective. Choose an appropriate sound background. What about waterfalls or countless musical instruments on a bird’s tail? Then identify a bright spot in the room where you can feel comfortable. And let your imagination play from here. For example, I like to paint on rocks. Yes, the river gravel we collected when we got to the mountains turned into a lively industry of art. Other times I choose to write about … the rays of the sun flooding about happy homes or the places I’ve traveled so far. That way I have a chance to re-energize those moments and get closer to them.


Taking an animal


If you’ve always wanted a pet but were afraid that you didn’t have the time to help him settle into his new home, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Because, as I hear, “As long as people love an animal, some part of its soul remains unpredictable.

How can you enjoy nature during this isolation? I would be happy to share my experience with us.

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