A Different Holiday Experience for Car Trips: Road Travel

If you love driving and exploring new places, then Road Trip is for you!


Road travel translates to “road trip” in Turkey, a generic name for long-haul routes that work by car.


If you want, you want to go to a city or a trip, which extends too many cities, and you are ready to go as you please and get started. Things to Know About Car Traveling:


A Different Holiday Experience for Car Trips: Road Travel


What is a road trip?


One theme we often see in travel-themed movies is actually road trip… our hero, abandoned by his lover, quitting his job or as usual, jumping in his car and embarking on an adventurous journey. Sometimes he takes a companion with him, and sometimes he goes alone.


To enjoy this kind of excitement, all you have to do is jump in your car or rent a car for a few days… By renting a caravan you can double the joy of this holiday.


What is a road trip and how is it planned?


A road trip is a type of travel that involves free spirits that you can only determine and its time, of course, and how long.


If you wish, you can schedule such vacations with your family or alone.


There are some calculations that you need to do to make sure you get out of the way to the places you want to see on the road trip, even if your budget is cut and your holiday is dashed to orders. For example:


1) Draw your drawing


Once you have set your starting point and destination, decide where to park on the road.


With effective time management, you can kill multiple birds with one stone and visit two or three at the same time.


Keep the printed map in your car if the internet is not working or the GPS is not working.


2) Manage effective time

As with every good thing, don’t miss out on the places you want to visit before completing this journey at some point.


Its approach is through effective planning.


Planning your day is how many kilometers you want to see and how many hours to travel.


3) Calculate the costs


It is important to calculate costs when determining road travel. After setting your budget, you will need to calculate the cost of gas money, hotel, or hotel accommodation, or camping site fees if you are going to stay at the campsite.


After that, it is worthwhile to consider the national park entrance fee, museum and ruins entrance fee, and food and beverage costs.


To reduce costs, you can reduce your costs by shopping, you can make 1 meal a day, or you can consider options that reduce your travel expenses, such as a music card.


4) Provision of discretionary funds

There are many forms of road. Be aware of the possibility that the vehicle may cause minor defects along the way.


After a long trip, you may want to get tired and spend the extra night or decide to extend your vacation and stop at the extra place.


Improvement is on the road trip… so don’t forget to keep yourself a little bit of money in unexpected situations, either positive or negative.


5) Set your priorities

When you are traveling on the road, you are loyal to this project, and at some point, you want to stay longer or you can get out as you expect.


So, make a plan so that you do not miss the trails you want to see when pulling your way.


In this case, decide which ones you would like to visit in advance to decide whom to sacrifice and then do not regret it.


6) Pay attention to your sleep pattern

Your distraction and full concentration while driving depend on your energy and sleep. For this reason, if you do not have someone who can drive while driving, it is worthwhile to park the car after sunset.


Spend your nights relaxing in the evening as driving fast under the headlight and increasing sleepiness in the dark.


It contributes to both potential seizures and your driving safety the next day.


7) Do not skip meals


Don’t forget to focus on your diet so that staying in the car for a long time does not affect your digestive system and immune system.


It is normal for you to end the journey with a meal break and not spend a few meals with a sandwich. However, eating only dry foods and sandwiches will call for stomach and intestinal problems for a long time.


So, try to eat at least one fruit and vegetable per day. If this is not possible, turn to juicy dishes such as soups.


In addition, not drinking enough water and consuming caffeinated beverages (such as tea, coffee, cola, etc) which can increase your water shortage will make your body dehydrated.


To avoid excessive water, drink at least two liters of water throughout the day, especially in the summer.


8) Create your playlist


Listening to music is one of the most important things and it can make your time more enjoyable.


However, it should also be noted that the internet or radio does not attract certain points. So don’t forget to save your favorite albums and songs.


Don’t forget to create a gallery where you can listen to music without an internet connection or upload your music to Flash Memory in apps like Spotify, Gaana, or iTunes.


If your car has a cassette or CD player, you can also consider these nostalgic options.


Are there any downsides to road trips?


The sense of independence afforded by road travel and the excitement of intermittent vacations are the biggest promises.


Every election is a promise, but a road trip applies. So when planning a very interesting trip, it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons.


So, what are these shortcomings?


1) Cost of transportation

As you know, gasoline and diesel are not very cheap in our country. It is important to calculate the price of gasoline well, especially when traveling on long roads.


While it is good to visit, you may want to consider higher costs than public transport (air ticket, bus ticket).


2) The service does not come to you

You need to plan all your requirements in a wide frame, the water you drink, what you eat, the tent you put into the toilet you give.


After a long day of driving, there is no convenient shelter for you to alleviate your tiredness every night.


3) Spend the day in the car

Yes, you are on the road to drive on long roads, but you have to drive at least a few hours a day because of the distance between your destinations. This means that most of the vacation is spent in a covered area inside the car.


Plus and minus road trips are definitely something you should enjoy in your life.


You can go on this unique journey in four seasons, ready for what the road will bring, and give yourself unforgettable memories.

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