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A Glimpse of Freedom – Story of Neera Arya

So many tortures were given and Nehru says freedom from the spinning wheel? Story of Neera Arya. My breasts were cut while in jail! The touching saga of freedom struggle. Must read once, the full biography of Neera Arya (1902 – 1979):


Neera Arya was married to CID Inspector Shrikant Jairanjan Das in British India. Neera killed her officer husband Srikant Jairanjan Das in the British Army to save the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


Neera has also written an autobiography. A heartwarming part of this Atma Katha is presented –


Born on 5 March 1902 in the then United Provinces’ Khekra Nagar to Seth Chhajumal, a distinguished businessman, Neera Arya Azad was a soldier of the Rani Jhansi Regiment in the Hind Fauj, who was also accused by the English government of being undercover.


They are also known as Neera Nagini. His brother Basant Kumar was also in the Azad Hind Fauj. His father Seth Chhajumal was an eminent businessman of his time, whose business was spread across the country. Especially in Calcutta, his father was the main center of business, so his education was initiated in Calcutta.


Many folk singers also wrote poems and bhajans on the life of Neera Nagin and his brother Basant Kumar. She died in 1998 in Hyderabad.


Neera Arya was married to CID Inspector Shrikant Jairanjan Das in British India.


Neera killed her officer husband Srikant Jairanjan Das in the British Army to save the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


After the surrender of the Azad Hind Fauj, when the trial took place in the Red Fort, all the prisoners were released, but they were sentenced to black water for the murder of their husband, where they were tortured.


After independence, she lived by selling flowers but did not accept any government assistance or pension.


Neera has also written an autobiography. A heartwarming part of this Atma Katha is presented –

“When I arrived in Andaman from Kolkata Jail, our place of stay was the cells in which other women were political criminals or lived.


We were locked in the cells at 10 o’clock in the night and the names of the mat, blanket, etc. were not even heard. There was a worry in my mind that how would we get freedom while living on an unknown island in this deep sea, where there is a need to leave the attention of laying on the cover.


As soon as she hit the ground and sleep too. At around 12 o’clock a guard came with two blankets and threw them up without even speaking. The fall of the blankets and the breakdown of sleep also occurred simultaneously. It felt bad, but satisfaction came after getting the blankets.


Now only she was with the pain of an iron bond and the care to stay apart from Mother India.


“As soon as the sun came out, I got khichdi and the blacksmith also came. A little leather was also cut while cutting the handwriting, but when cutting the shackles from the feet, check the foot bone with a hammer only two or three times to see how strong it is.


I once grieved and said, “What is the blind, which kills in the foot?” “Will we kill even in the heart, will we?”


He told me. “I’m in bondage, what can I do with you …” Then I spit on them, “Learn to respect women?”


The jailer was also with him, he said in a loud voice, “You will be abandoned if you will tell where your Netaji Subhash is?”


“He died in an air crash,” I replied, “the whole world knows.”


“Netaji is alive… You lie that he died in an air crash?” Said the jailer.

“Yes, Netaji is alive.”


“So where are you?”


“They are alive in my heart.”


As soon as I said the jailer got angry and said, “Then we will remove Netaji from your heart.” And then he put his hand on my floor and tearing my courtyard again pointed to the blacksmith. … The blacksmith used a big jamb like a tool to cut the leaves growing here and there in Phulwari, lifted the breast ripper and pressed my right breast into it and went to bite it … but there was no edge in it, Minister, we hold unbearable suffering Tuँta was Urojon (breasts) to the other side of the jailer was holding my neck and said, ‘If the tongue battle you these will be separated from the balloon chest …’ ‘


He then licked the flimsy weapon on my nose and said, “Venus as if Queen Victoria had not heated it with fire, if it had been heated with fire, your two breasts would have been completely crushed.” Salute to such a devotee. After independence, he lived by selling flowers but did not accept any government assistance or pension.

Jai Hind, Jai Maa Bharati, Vande Mataram !!!


Neera Ayra Book

Many people have commented on us about Neera Arya that they need more information about Neera Arya. He is also looking for books on this great personality.


Sonia Moriya has tried to tell the story of this great freedom fighter in 22 pages. You can achieve this by clicking on this link or the image below.

आजादी की एक झलक?????इतनी यातनाएं दी गईं और नेहरू कहता है चरखा से आजादी मिली? नीरा आर्य की कहानी। जेल में जब मेरे स्तन…

Geplaatst door Premjeet Gupta op Donderdag 31 oktober 2019


Only after reading, does the soul tremble, those who have spent their past will know that they salute such revolutionaries!


18 Replies to “A Glimpse of Freedom – Story of Neera Arya”

  1. Strange that everyone is copy pasting the same story of Neera Arya quoting from her autobiography but none has given a clue about the title of the book.

    1. You are telling the truth Rakesh but I have not got any clue of Neera Arya’s book anywhere. If I get one, I will definitely write an article on it. Thanks for comment

      1. Kaise pata chalegi jab hame aajadi hi isi sart pe mili thi agar yakin na ho to Nehru ka itahash utha ke dekh lo

      2. Waise maine khoya bharat channel se pucha hai isake baare me unhone book ka naam ‘ mera jivan sangharsh ‘ aur andaman ki anokhi prathayen ‘ bataya lekin unko abhi tak wo book nahi mili ….. Mili hi to share karenge bola aur neera arya ke upar short film bhi banayenge

  2. Such evil such wickedness such abuse toward a woman only God will fix all these twisted minds, I would like to read full story in either Spanish or english

  3. Real unfortunate. We don’t read this contents in normal history books. Somehow Subhash Chandra Bose and his followers have been systematically side lined. It’s painful to know what this courageous soul’s went through and were not considered as freedom fighters!

  4. It is really unbelievable history about our freedom movement.I’m surprised and shocked and my heart is torn apart knowing life of Neera Arya.I do not blame and accuse the then British ruler but our own leaders who diplomatically and skillfully covered these real freedom fighters.

  5. The story somehow has loose ends. The Cellular Jail of Andaman had been abolished at the time mentioned in the story. In fact Andaman was a territory which was given to Netaji by the Japanese as a part of Azad Hind at that time the jail had stopped working and all staff and prisoners had long back been deported to Mainland India

    1. On 7 October 1945 the British resumed control of the Islands, and prison, following the surrender of the islands to Brigadier J. A. Salomons, of the 116th Indian Infantry Brigade, a month after the Surrender of Japan, at the end of World War II.

  6. Heart rending story of the brave lady freedom fighter. I do not know that I and other citizens of free India can ever repay the debt of her sacrifice .
    Shame to the Indian slaves who committed this heinous crime on the order of their English master .
    Pray to GOD to grant highest place in His heavenly abode .

  7. Its very unfortunate that genuine freedom fighters who made many sacrifices were denied Freedom Fighters Pension deliberately by the Congress Governments. Its sad that Ms Neera Arya died in poverty in a pitiable condition as a fruit seller. Its shame on Congress leaders especaily Nehru.

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