Complete Information About Accident Insurance: When It Is Mandatory And How To Equip It Is Not Necessary?

All about accident insurance: It is mandatory and how they do not need it to organize it?


Do not organize or organize accident insurance? These hesitations disturb many motorists. Therefore, in the following lines, we briefly brief your important information about accidental insurance.


Forced to provide compulsory contracted insurance by the owner of a vehicle with the given state plaque. In the case of accident insurance, this is no longer an obligation.

Accident Insurance

What is automotive accident insurance?

Accident Insurance, Cascon called, across damage caused or caused by an unknown offender. This, for example, damage caused by accidents, stolen, natural disasters, animals, or breakdowns.


This type of insurance is particularly convenient for new cars or older luxury and expensive vehicle owners.


What is insurance coverage on accident?

Although the name refers to that insurance coverage covers the accident, it was not just. All insurance depends on your choice.


You can choose to insure all harmful risk covering. However, this can not be useful for everyone. So you can only select the risk that threatened your car.


Accident insurance coverage can cover:


  • Accident
  • Vehicle stolen
  • Natural disasters (floods, rock, electricity, snowfall, etc.)
  • Destructive
  • Conflict with animal
  • The object falls near the vehicle
  • In front and other Windows insurance machines
  • Other claims


In addition to this element, other damages can be confirmed as requests. You can increase the purpose and limits of the luggage on basic support services, extra equipment insurance, accident, or standards. There is a series of potential additional insurance for accident insurance.


Insurance against an accident with co-participation

The amount of participation of the accident insurance agreed by the agreement, with which the insured person participates in the event of the damage to the event. It will reduce the number of insurance benefits. Co-participation can affect the entire insurance policy or only co-insurance one.


It is important to pay attention to the amount of payment when it’s closed, so much money is not paid. Even some small losses may even be less than co-participation of measurement losses. So there is no allowance, everything is provided by the insured.


Participation can be expressed as follows:

Percentage: A pre-agreed percentage of co-participation loss. It is true that durable losses, greater participation


Permanent Value – The exact amount of co-participation with whom the insurance participates in a certain event, regardless of the amount of loss


Combined – a certain amount of time and every percentage, when in the event of a loss event, a greater amount is always applied


Insurance on accident without co-participation

Accident insurance can also be organized with Zero co-participation. In practice, it means that in the case of compensation, the contractor will not be financially affected. Although this insurance is convenient, you have to rely on a higher annual amount that will pay for insurance.


How much does accident insurance cost?

The price of injuries is a very personal problem and it does not just like the insurance company that hits it. It depends on several factors, especially assured cars, age, and insured’s residence.


An important role is played, for example, motor volume, vehicle power, current vehicle price, fuel type, or first registration date. While organizing insurance, car security is taken into account as well as an alarm or search device.


In practice, it means that the price of insurance premium is increasing with the price of the machine. Conversely, it is the age of the driver – a small, which will pay more than least experienced pilots. Insurance premium price is higher, for example, if your residence is a higher risk of a large city and accident with heavy traffic.


Does the context insurance pay?

It may seem most convenient to cheap insurance, although it’s not always. A common example is a higher payment, where the reward is low. It can recover with you in low-loss events when the insurance agency can not give you anything and you have to pay for yourself.


How to select Accident Insurance?

It is important for your investment to pay as much as possible for your investment. So what do you look at the time to choose?


Amount of insurance limit for accident insurance

The upper limit is given by the insurance limit insurance company. Whatever extra thing must be paid by insurance. Therefore, when you choose, you will reach for a fuse with a higher limit, which will pay you more for more expensive repairs.


Accident Insurance Participate

It is not less important to note the selected insurance co-participation. This will significantly affect annual insurance fees. At the same time, its amount depends on how much insurance for a loss event and how much money will the contractor will pay.


Additional Insurance for Accident Insurance

With accident insurance, it is also possible to extract the necessary additional insurance. Your preferences should be carefully considered since you only use them in certain situations. It is quite real, for example, to ensure glass, luggage, or driver accident insurance.


In most cases, if you accept co-insurance with accident insurance or compulsory contract insurance, insurance companies provide a good price in this ————.


How to cancel accident insurance?

The termination of the insurance contract depends on the condition of the selected insurance company. Some immediately accept applications, so the insurance contract will be removed on your delivery day. Others will choose your date.


When your insurance period ends and you want to switch with another insurance company, you must pay at least 6 weeks before the end of the insurance period. You can do it in writing personally or by post.


You can cancel the accident insurance in the form of resolution for other reasons:


Change of car owner – as well as the cancellation request, the purchase is enrolled or. A copy of a donation agreement or technical certificate


Insurance companies also need different documents, such as police vehicle stolen ratio


Extinguishing the machine – it needs to be provided by the vehicle’s disposal confirmation


Registration of vehicles – just be careful and ensure vehicle diaries


When does accident insurance explain?

Remember that the injury insurance does not expire until the end of the period, it does not provide to the insurance company. The new deal then starts the first day at the end of the original. Therefore, think of new insurance organized, so that usually does not pay twice for the service.


If you do not pay a reward for a few months, the insurance company does not complete the contract, but the accident insurance may expire. However, despite the termination of the contract, the award is required for a period.


When accident insurance is mandatory?

Although it is usually the responsibility of the car owner to extract accident insurance, in this case, there is this case. There is wooden insurance that has incident insurance as a condition of a vehicle for leasing or credit for credit.


In most cases, injury insurance is already included in the leasing price. The owner can conclude himself through the selected insurance company.


When is it worth recalling accident insurance?

Accident Insurance If you know that you know that you are not risky in accident, vandalism, hail, and similar uncontrolled events, it is not appropriate to recall you. However, since we cannot predict it, so we can usually say that the accident insurance carries mostly for new cars.


However, additional insurance and other contract details must be carefully considered. All conducts don’t need everything.


Older vehicles and insurance on accident


Insurance against accidents for veterans


In general, it is reasonable for old vehicles except for older vehicles with a very low purchase price. They tend to have relatively high prizes and general to do the total damage.


Many insurance companies do not want to ensure vehicles even more than ten years. Alternatively, if they have special products designed for older vehicles, they will ensure them in less favorable condition.


Insurance on short-term accident

In some situations need an unusual approach, for example in the form of automatic insurance, which will not end the whole year, it is not necessary for the date of date. So short-term injuries are an appropriate solution. When is it worth close?


You are going abroad for a few months and your car is always in the garage. Whose reasons can not be used all the time, you can cancel the insurance contract and use only short-term insurance.


You will also appreciate short-term injuries even if you do not have your car, but you use, for example, your parents’ cars. Also if you are traveling abroad in a car. You can move the insurance for a period of time you live abroad.


What is Gap insurance?

Insurance of gap insurance. In practice, it means that in the total loss of the car or her stealing, you will not get the remaining or market value of the car from the insurance company, but the amount you have purchased it by the seller.


It is the separate basic insurance, which is usually taken as supplementary in a painful insurer, but it is different from it. Firstly, injury insurance only covers the risk of the vehicle market price. With GAP Insurance, it is not addressed at the age of vehicle or co-participation. Simply, in total losses, the insurance company will pay the original price.


Gap insurance limitations

In most cases, the insurance company provides a gap in the car ages; Generally, it’s 3-5 years. The price of the machine is limited but provides protection for most of the vehicles without problems.


Gap insurance taxi vehicles, driving schools, cars, and racing car hire not covers. This is automatically excluded from coverage.

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