Causes and Prevention in Uric Acid Increase

Causes and Prevention in Uric Acid Increase

Causes and Prevention in Uric Acid Increase – What is the rationale for rising uric acid in our physique and the way can it’s prevented? Today on this MySharePost we’ll speak concerning the causes advert prevention of uric acid progress.


The drawback of uric acid was noticed after the age of no less than 60 to 65 years. However, these days it is usually present in younger kids as a result of mistaken life-style and mistaken consuming.


The illness is the results of consuming extra protein than most want. If this drawback will not be handled in time then different illnesses like arthritis, kidney stones, diabetes and joint ache and so on.

If you wish to know extra about

Causes and Prevention in Uric Acid Increase‘,

then it’s important to perceive the directions given under.
Main reasons for increasing uric acid


Uric acid is released from our body through urine, which is very important, it is released through urine.


If that is not the case, it starts to accumulate in the bones. This is because the amount of uric acid in the body starts to increase.

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Measures to Control Uric Acid


In the morning, uric acid is controlled by taking two to three grains of black pepper with empty stomach water. Even if you drink ten to twelve glasses of water a day, uric acid is unlikely to increase.


The combination of honey, cinnamon and lukewarm water is able to completely cure uric acid.


Taking one tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon with a glass of warm water in the morning and evening, the uric acid is completely cured within a few days.


To cure uric acid through fenugreek seeds, you need to soak one tablespoon fenugreek seeds in water every night and take it in the morning so that uric acid will cure soon.


Heat three to four garlic rings with a teaspoon of mustard oil and massage the joints to relieve pain in the joint due to uric acid. The pain will be relieved.


Eat citrus foods such as lemon, orange and seasonal as well as it reduces uric acid levels.


Take one tablespoon of apple vinegar daily in a glass of water, keeping it under control of uric acid in the body as the apple is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.



  1. Alcohol
  2. High protein diet
  3. Fast food
  4. Coldrink
  5. Eggs and Non-Veg


You can only stop the progress of uric acid from your meal plan and drinks, so have a balanced and correct meal plan. Also, do walk and workout every day to get extra and faster difference.

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