China’s Most-Affordable Electric Car ‘GWM R1 Now in India

China’s Most-Affordable Electric Car ‘GWM R1 Now in India – The Great Wall Motor (GWM) Company Limited recently introduced the most affordable electronic car ORA R1. GWM wants to enter the Indian car market with its new car range.


The GWM ORA R1 was introduced in China in 2019, the car is currently being sold under the banner of the Chinese ORA brand and has become one of the cheapest tax sales there. The people there love it very much.


The GWM ORA R1 may also be one of the cheapest taxes in India. The Great Wall Motor is in the process of launching this car in India.


According to the data, the price in China is about three to four lakh. However, the reason for its transparency is the subsidy paid by the Chinese government on electric cars. Which can also be found in India.


Talking about the daring range of the car, in this car, you will have the power to run 350 km on a single charge, the car will be fitted with a 33kW Ion battery which powers its motor.


The car’s electric motor is capable of producing 50PHP of power and a peak of 125N.M The car battery can be fully charged up to 80 percent in 40 minutes. The company claims that the ORA R1 can drive up to 160 km top speed.


The design and appearance of this electronic vehicle match the Honda E’s. Great Wall Motor (GWM) Company Limited has also launched its SUV Haval at Auto Expo 2020, now all of these cars are ready to be launched in India recently.


Whether you want to buy it, you can share your opinion in the box on how you like this car.

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