Duties towards parents and teachers

Duties towards parents and teachers


Duties towards parents and teachers


Dutifulness implies the fulfillment of obligations and performance of functions or service motivated purely by a sense of inner compulsion without fear of punishment or hope of reward but for love.


Dutifulness urges a person to make the number of sacrifices. it strengthens the moral character of a person and disciplines him or her.

God could not be everywhere so he made parents. Parents are to be loved, respected and obeyed. Revere them and follow their advice on everything. Your parents make numerous sacrifices for you.


Their love is priceless. So never ever be rude to your parents. Do not hurt them as they are your living gods on the earth. Never keep any grudges or nurture any kind of ill-will.


If you are leaving the house always tell them where you are going and what time you’ll return. Seek their permission for everything. If your parents have forbidden you to go anywhere, don’t insist. Obey them and follow their instructions. Never argue with your parents.


Listen to them and if you disagree over some points tell them nicely. Put forth your point in a very calm and respectful manner. Always remember the sacrifices your parents make in rearing you.


Never throw tantrums to get your things done. Always reason out and request your parents for what you need. If you are not able to convince them to give it up.


Remember parents are your well-wishers. Whatever decision the parents are your well-wishers. Whatever decision they make, it will always be beneficial for you.


Be good and responsible sons and daughters. Be sensitive to the need of your parents especially the emotional needs. Never hurt them with unkind words or remarks. Hurting your parents means hurting god. Your parents may forgive you but God will never forgive you for this.


Do not be quarrelsome or selfish with your brothers and sisters. Help your parents in household chores. Whenever you have any guests at home receive them nicely.


Do not stare at them blankly even if you have never met them before. If you see your parents sitting and talking to them, it means they are their friends or relatives.


Therefore, wish them affectionately. Sit with them for a few minutes and then let the elders be by themselves. Don’t hang around for too long if you are not asked. It is bad manners to sit with elders for a long time unless you are told to.

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Try to make your home a cheerful, peaceful and happy place.  Do not make known family secrets to outsiders. Behave in such a manner that your father and mother will be proud of you. Good and wise children make their parents and others happy.


In school teachers take the place of your parents. School is a temple of learning and teachers are your gurus. Respect them and obey them. Whatever they tell you, it is for your benefit. Never try to offend them even with your gestures.


Be an ideal student so that your teachers love you. Learn to do the right things at the right time so that you earn a good name, through your diligence, good conduct, regularity, punctuality, cleanliness, and honesty. Never use foul or abusive language in your temple of learning.


Cultivate a sense of respect for yourself, your companions and for those in authority. If you adorn yourself with charm, kindness, and calmness, it will win you friends and you will always be in the good books of your teachers. Talk in a soft tone with everyone. Do not fight with your friends, push them around or bully them.


Keep silence when you are expected to. Be modest and simple. Don’t make a show of your wealth, if you happen to be from a rich family. Be helpful to the less fortunate children or those who are weak at studies. Keep a guard over your tongue. It is an art and if you learn to control it, it will save you from many troubles.


Do not loiter about aimlessly in verandas or corridors. Never be noisy. Do not run about in corridors. Never write or scribble on desks or walls. Never jump in the class or bang your desks.


As soon as the teacher arrives in the class stand up respectfully and wish her. Always speak in a clear voice so that you are easily audible.


Do not talk during class hours. Concentrate on your lessons. Do not daydream. Complete all your classwork within the stipulated time.


Students who waste their time talking or daydreaming can never finish their work on time. They lag behind in studies and get poor grades.


When the teacher asks you a question in one language, answer in the same language. Do not throw waste paper on the ground or on the floor. Abide by all the rules and regulations of the school. By doing this you’ll be considered as an ideal student.


Your teachers will always be happy. They will go out of the way to help you. Your future and that of the country depends largely on you. Be watchful and determined.


Never get into a confrontation with your parents or teachers. Love them and respect them. Their blessings mean a lot just like the blessings of God.


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