Entice Coin (NTIC) Presale, ICO & IEO / Games, NFTs and Entice X

Another coin is coming to knock in the NFT market and gaming world which is Entice (NTIC) coin. This coin is powered by the Indian blockchain Polygon. Learn how to invest in the Entice Coin presale.


What is Entice Coin (NTIC)


What we are providing in Entice Crypto Eco System



Entice NFTs will be providing exclusive benefits to their holders. Entice NFT Holders will have passive income through Entice Play & Earn Crypto Mini Games


Crypto Mini Games

Crypto Mini Games by Entice will change the way Crypto Games work. 2 Players can play 1 Vs. 1 game and Earn



Entice Exchange has the vision to Create Crypto Bank for Crypto World. Which will have a Crypto Systematic Investment plan, Crypto Fixed Deposit, and many more Features.


Entice Coin Presale Pricing Details

The Presale of Entice Coin started on 15th March with the last date being 30th September 2022. During this time an increase in the price can be seen at every stage of the presale.


PreSale 1 – $ 0.065 – 2 Months – 15 March 2022 – 15 May 2022

PreSale 2 – $ 0.13 – 2 Months – 22 May 2022 – 22 July 2022

PreSale 3 – $ 0.20 – 2 Months – 01 August 2022 – 30 Sept 2022


Entice Coin ICO & IEO

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and IEO will be run after the presale of the coin which will continue from 1st November to 30th November 2022.


How to Buy Entice Coin (NTIC)


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Step 1

Load your MetaMask with MATIC (Polygon) or BNB & Connect it to Entice Website


Step 2

Enter the USD amount of Entice Coin you wish to purchase


Step 3

Pay the MATIC (Polygon) or BNB from your MetaMask. Once your transaction is validated, you will receive Entice Coin (NTIC)


Step 4

Click on the Import Entice Coin button or Import it manually


Entice Coin Whitepaper

Here are full documents of NTIC that help you to understand deeply about us and Entice Crypto Eco System – Click Here to Download


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