Why Is Salary Not Everything for Your First Job

Why Is Salary Not Everything for Your First Job: If you are a high school or college graduate or you are looking for your first job, you must have asked yourself this question many times.


It is normal to get a good salary when you are hired for the first time, but you should not forget the environment in which you are going to work, the relationship with the manager/coworkers, or the development opportunities that the organization gives you. Provides. . You can see that their weight is more important to you.


It is clear that the employer should not ignore the salary you pay, in the end, you pay your bills with it, but this criterion should not be defined when you first want to get the job. Of course, it also depends on your needs and aspirations. There are some people who, for example, have higher salaries but are not satisfied with the environment in which they work or the activities they perform. However, in their case, the impact of salary income is the most. Others prefer to work but they become sensitive to a slightly lower salary.


But what is the role of emotion?

There are many things you should consider when planning your future career: salary, benefits, work environment, relationship with a manager or coworkers. This combination of elements will actually give you satisfaction in your next job. In particular, as studies show, the salary level motivates you for a short period of time.


Beyond all of the above, emotion is another element, as important or perhaps most important. Although the employer will give you all the opportunities in the world, if you do not like what you do, your work may not bring you happiness. We talked more about how to discover your passion.


According to a study by the Job Management Platform in 2019, Wright, 58% of employees in the United States and 54% of employees in the UK took low-paying jobs, but they were happy.


It’s not just what you’re going to earn

In addition to the actual salary for the company you want to work for, benefits such as medical insurance, gym membership, transportation arrangements, or various courses and training also need to be considered.


Then, remember the cost of living in the city where you live, it determines the cost of food, gadgets, or utilities. Salary coming to you from a small town may prove to be insufficient for capital.


This is especially important for those who are now just entering the labor market and have career prospects. Instead of giving up on a job that pays you less than you expect, focuses on growth. Increasing the classified scale will also increase your income. It may take only one or two years to reach the desired salary level.


The people you are going to learn from are just as important as the others. Don’t be influenced by their position names, but focus on the managers/people you interact with the most and what their perspectives will be. One advantage of being at the beginning of the road is that you allow yourself to ask questions. But it is important to get the best answer.


Are you negotiating a salary for your first job?

The decision of whether or not to discuss pay depends on your needs, personal preferences, and the situation you are currently in. We know that you don’t want to look like a person for whom not only salary is important, but we also understand if you have some financial needs.


When you decide to negotiate with it, it is important to know your skills well. If you do not have experience and are not sure what you have acquired during your studies, it is not a good option to keep your foot on the door when you get paid. You cannot ask for more money without proving the amount of value you bring to the company.


At the same time, it is important to do a little research on the place where you want to work even before the job interview. This information is especially useful after receiving a job offer because you can find out if the paid salary is at the market level for that region.


Therefore, the pay is not everything in the first job, and it does not help you to meet certain needs or your small pleasures do not make you happy at work. If you are looking for a job that offers you real opportunities for professional development and a pleasant work environment, then it is probably best to consider or accept an offer that is less than you expect.


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