How do I get a scholarship? Things to know

How do I get a scholarship? – Can I Get a Scholarship without a Top Grade: Things You Need to Know to Achieve It


The scholarship is still considered an elite sponsor – but who says you can’t be elite? Grades, Volunteers, Hobbies, and Life Goals: I suggest that anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a classic scholarship candidate should have a good chance – of course from their own experience.


“The scholarship has a few places for students in Class A and I can really protect myself from trying to apply, especially since I don’t know where to apply.”


When I wanted to plan my life after leaving school in the eleventh grade, I wrote the dream “scholarship” with these thoughts. You’re likely to have many ideas – if you’ve ever heard of scholarship, it’s not one.


For a long time, I only knew scholarships from high school movies, where football players could only go to college because of them. When two fellows from a political background came to my school and gave a talk about the benefits of this kind of program: they wore blue plaid shirts and talked about a grade point average of 1.0 to 1.5 – and I certainly didn’t have one


It was just a coincidence that I moved briefly to a radio show on scholarship. And there I learned: Scholarships are not just for students who have no life outside of school. But the opposite happened! Through radio broadcasting and my own research, I have gradually learned what requirements you need to meet in order to successfully apply for a scholarship. And now I’m going to tell you about the success I’ve had in my life.


How do I get a scholarship?

But the first question:

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What are the scholarship benefits?

The most obvious benefit of the scholarship is financial support and indeed: it gives you the unique opportunity to dream free from financial worries. Gives unpaid internships and weekend study sessions.


Another great aspect of the scholarship is the workshops and seminars that are offered to you: lectures, start-up foundations, journalism skills – and where can you take your skills to a higher level for a few days? And with people of the same age who think the same way. This brings me the third and most important benefit of the scholarship.


Network: In scholarship, contacts are made that are valuable for gold. They give you work ideas that you have never had before, they give you internships that you never had the courage to apply for before and you can even be friends for life.


Sounds like a dream? This way you will become a collaborator yourself.



It is true that many student scholarships focus on the grades that a student comes up with. But not to guess how smart a person is, but to guess their motivation. Luckily, you can’t just read it from the notes. By itself.


I got a suggestion at once to look at your resume to see if decision-makers are doing extra work in your life. And if you don’t mind just learning math but want to tackle more fun things, it’s best to start doing these now. You should now take advantage of the following options:



Volunteering is the right guide that goes beyond what you need and is therefore a prerequisite for applying to many scholarship programs. This is rarely important if you are helping refugees, volunteering, or joining an organization.


“Often” because with a political basis, it can be a great advantage if the school is involved even in allied related youth organizations.



If, in addition to your training unit or lots of music lessons per week, you can only include aerobic volunteering, there is no question (find out if your favorite foundation is regular volunteer compulsory). Because if you follow your hobby with determination, it also shows a high level of motivation.


And now I’ll tell you a secret: it’s a desire to run a foundation that points to a foundation: “This guy will be an image to us later, so he gives us something back instead of paying us.” These national candidates are finally accepted. Needless to say, the more unusual the hobby, the better.



The fastest and easiest way to get your resume through competition. There are certain specifications for school-age children that you can simply sign up for “Competition + Student” and then optionally find your passion: composition, photography, research, music-making, or start-up ideas through design.


Again, the advantage: most students only learn to compete through their parents or teachers and often get very few entries. Take advantage of this and actively monitor such competitions.



Scholarships can be a great move, especially for potential students with challenging backgrounds. It’s not just that there aren’t enough survivors with Buffon. But above all, because there is a network being built that turns career advancement into rocket engines. A network that many parents give to their parents to raise them.


So it would be unfair if economically weaker families who work as wages instead of volunteers were disadvantaged by their students. If this applies to you, there is relief now: you can explain this fact in your question, and in most cases, it will be interpreted positively, not negatively. Supporting your parents through salary or taking care of your younger siblings or sick grandparents shows that you are responsible and therefore fully qualified for the scholarship.


Additional scholarships are also provided for future disadvantaged students who do not meet the classical requirements. But great foundations also take into account difficult situations. Dare with your question!


Find your passion

It looks flat, but it is important. When you apply for a scholarship, the jury will want to hear the last word when asked about your future: “I like this subject, but also because I can’t make up my mind.” Still: it should be clear in the election interview that you are determined, committed, and do not always have new ideas. Otherwise, you will not be classified as a trusted service provider.


Don’t be afraid

Especially with large foundations, there is great competition among scholarship applicants. Very few of them fell on their faces. At your selection conference (usually at the third and final application stage) you will meet all of these people and many will talk about their success and try to cover their insecurities.


No impression. If you are not as talented as him, you will not be invited. Be aware of your strengths: If you come from a difficult situation and other examinees do not take it, it is an advantage that he must survive his career unexpectedly.


Get started!

The sooner you know the requirements the better! So start looking for the right scholarship now and gradually work towards meeting the requirements. We reduce your difficulty in searching for your scholarship. Applications are being applied for NNPC / CNL JV NATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 2020. You can check it at to apply it.

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