How to Be Responsible, the Challenge of Responsibility, and more

In this article, we will discuss how you can be responsible, the challenges of responsibility, the benefits of responsibility, and other important things that you need to know about responsibility.


Becoming Responsible


One of the most important life skills that many young people and adults lack is taking responsibility. Many adults today are going through experiences for which they are deeply sorry because they did not learn to take initial responsibility for their actions.


Learning to take responsibility makes a young person more analytical, rational and thoughtful when choosing. The more analytical, rational and thoughtful, the more informed the choice becomes.


Many young people have wasted their lives unnecessarily because they did not take the time to consider their responsibilities when making decisions. This is especially important during adolescence when young people are waiting to become more independent and have the freedom to choose for themselves. The bottom line is that freedom has responsibilities. Again one area where responsibility cannot be reduced is sexual behavior.


What is the responsibility?


A young person is said to be responsible when he chooses an action and responds to that action. In other words, he is responsible for the amount of awareness he has created that every action or choice has consequences and is ready for results without transferring it to others.


The challenge of responsibility


The habit of taking responsibility for what

It’s not easy. It brings a lot of challenges. Therefore it requires a high level of discipline. Whenever a young person is able to face one of these challenges, he is developing life skills for the future. According to Merkey (1996), the challenges include:


  • You have to accept the result of your choice.
  • You can’t blame others if something goes wrong.
  • You will be expected to make your points. When you say you will do something, you must follow it.
  • If you choose an unpopular, you may be pressured to change your mind. You may have to defend your choice.
  • You can’t do what you or others want.
  • You have to decide how much responsibility you can handle. If you do too much at one time, you may not be able to do everything right.
  • You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


The advantage of responsibility

When a young person acquires the life skills of taking responsibility, the benefits cannot be measured. They include the following:


  • Taking responsibility builds your self-esteem and self-esteem.
  • When others feel a sense of responsibility in you, they will treat you like an adult. This means that others can trust you and rely on you.
  • When you have the opportunity to express your views and opinions, people will listen to you because they will count.
  • You gain control of your life. Others, situations and circumstances no longer control your life. Through the power of informed choices, you determine what happens to you, not a coincidence or fate or situation.
  • By learning to take responsibility for your work, you create a lifestyle that encourages a healthier and more productive life as an adult. This has a huge impact on sexual behavior where irresponsibility can be very destructive.


There are four levels where we demonstrate our responsibility;


  • For yourself
  • To our family
  • To our friends
  • For our community


Showing responsibility

The responsibilities that we are drawing on us behavior shows that we are ready for them. Below we can show others that we are responsible:


Keep your word. If you said Something. Go ahead and do it. Show that you can be trustworthy. If you promise your neighbor that you will go to the market for him, go ahead and speak your mind.

To be reliable. If you promise someone that you will be there at a certain time, keep that time.

Have a good attitude, don’t complain when you have to do something and don’t complain

Don’t wait to do something you know you have to do. Just go ahead and do it.

Take good care of what you have. When you do, it’s a sign that you understand and appreciate the value of that thing. Also, when you borrow something from someone else, show responsibility by taking good care of it. It lets the person know that you respect them.


Being sexually responsible

The responsibility that a young person shows in his sexual behavior affects both the person and his partner. Sexual responsibility demands a higher level of responsibility and can be demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Have a strong belief that what you do affects you sexually, so you need to take it seriously.
  • Since if you don’t know where your behavior is going, you can fall into bad situations, draw a line and make a decision in advance.
  • Listen to your conscience. Anything you start to feel uncomfortable and annoyed about is already going too far.
  • Always remember that what makes sex feel good is not really good.
  • If you are with an opponent’s friend, let your sense of responsibility be extremely careful.
  • Don’t let others do what you want them to do.
  • Make up your mind from the beginning that no matter what you choose, no matter how painful the results are for you.


Remember that every human being, young or old, male or female, has some basic human needs and these needs must be accounted for.


If you follow all the guidelines mentioned above, you will never regret in life and you will lead a responsible man / woman life.


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