How to Setup Matic/Polygon Mainnet in Metamask

Metamask is a crypto wallet in which you can keep, buy and sell your cryptocurrency and transfer it to any wallet and exchange. This wallet works on both computers and mobile.


ETH Network Inbuilt


When you install this wallet in your mobile or computer, then it has Ethereum ie ETH network through which you can buy and sell ERC-20 tokens. But due to the high transaction fee of ERC-20, people invest in tokens created on MATIC/POLYGON. MATIC/POLYGON tokens have much lower transaction fees than ERC-20 tokens.


How to set up Matic/Polygon network in Metamask


Metamask does not have a Matic/Polygon network. This network has to be set manually in the wallet. If you do not know how to set up Matic Mainnet Network in Metamask, then you should read this article completely. Because here is how to set up Matic/Polygon network in Metamask.


To set up Matic Mainnet in Metamask, you must first go to the wallet’s settings.

In the setting, you will see the network option, you have to click on it.

Now you will get the option of Add Network at the bottom, you have to proceed by clicking on it.

Now 5 blank boxes will appear in front of you, in which the setting of Matic Mainnet has to be done.


  1. Network Name
  2. RPC Url
  3. Chain ID
  4. Symbol
  5. Block Explorer URL


In-Network Name you have to enter: Matic Mainnet


In RPC Url you have to enter:


In Chain ID you have to enter: 137


In Symbol you have to enter: MATIC


In Block Explorer URL you have to enter:


Now you have to click on the save button, which will save the settings made by you.


Now you can easily buy and sell MATIC / POLYGON in Metamask.


You can comment to tell how you liked the information given by us, if you are facing any kind of problem in the Matic Mainnet setting then you can watch this upcoming video.

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