Know How Etiquette Makes Man Good

Know How Etiquette Makes Man Good

Know How Etiquette Makes Man Good – Equipping ourselves with good manners makes our lives successful and joyous. Good manners refer to the socially acceptable behavior. It encompasses customary behavior, habitual practice, modes of life, and rules of behavior, outward learning and attitudes.

Good manners are the skills of making people feel easy and comfortable. Behavior is the touchstone of a person’s character. A well mannered person is always kind and courteous.

He is soft spoken and modest. He never makes a show of his position or wealth. To make others feel to talk, you have to care about people.

A kind heart is the first thing you need. A kindly feeling for people makes you to put them with you at ease. It prompts little courtesies such as offering another a comfortable chair or speaking to one left out of a conversation.

Another quality etiquette cannot do without it is sense of fairness. You will be then tolerant of others opinions. Self control is anther quality which gives us a desirable element of good manners. Knowing what to do and how to do you avoid friction with people and you are welcomed everywhere.

Know How Etiquette Makes Man Good

At School or Collage

Learn to do right things at the right time. Earn a good name by being regular, punctual, clean, honest, obedient and diligent. Earning a good name is more precious than all the wealth in the world. Be kind, calm and cultivate respect for your teachers, seniors and classmates.


It will win you several friends. Train yourself to be a polished, well bred person by talking in a quiet tone of voice. Be modest and simple. Do not make a show of your belongings or wealth. Never be noisy and do not run about in the corridors or move around aimlessly. Have business like ways.


The desks are meant to sit not to jump upon, banged or dirtied. Do not talk during the class hours. Concentrate on your lessons attentively. When the class is over, stand up quietly till the teacher walks out. Do not rush to the Door before him. Never scribble on desks, walls or blackboards.

Do not throw waste paper on the floor. Abide by all the rules and regulations. Never stare at people. It is impolite. Enter your school with respect and a sincere desire to learn. Your school is your temple.


Never abuse or fight in your temple. Yours teacher are gurus. Love them, respect and obey them. Never speak a word against your school and never allow anyone to do so until proven wrong.

At home

Good manners, as our education, must begin at home. Make your home the happiest place. It is the place of your dwelling where you look forward to rest, refuge and satisfaction. Make it truly sweet.

Behave as a dutiful b, obedient and responsible son or daughter. Next to god, your parents are to be loved, respected and obeyed. Be kind, lovable and considerate towards your brothers and sisters.

Be a useful member at home and render your service towards your family members readily. When leaving house always tell your parents and the time you would return. Try to make your home a happy and peaceful place to stay. 

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Interaction with Others

Man is a social animal. We live in an environment surrounded by people. We must know how to interact with others so that we are accepted everywhere. Be prudent in your words and behavior.

Avoid bad company. Be sociable and mix with everyone. Always return with thanks, all borrowed articles. Express appreciation for even smallest services received. Be courteous with everyone.

Say ‘sorry’ if you happen to hurt someone. Be generous and helpful. Don’t try to dominate the conversation.

Avoid talking about yourself. Instead show interest in others and give them a chance to speak about themselves. Do not gossip. Remember those who gossip about others to you will gossip about you to others.

Never imitate others or try to crack jokes at others. Be fun loving and cheerful. When in company never argue or discuss any sensitive topic. Keeping guard over one’s tongue is a great art and once you have learnt it, it will save you from many troubles.

On Play Ground

Your manners are easily expressed and noticed in the playfield. Do not indulge in any cheating or quarrelling. Always play a fair game. If you win make it easy for your opponent to bear the defeat.

If you are defeated take it in a good spirit and thank your opponent. If a senior passes through the ground stop for a moment till he passes.

Outside your home/school

Observe the rules of the road. Pedestrians always keep on the right. Do not run across the road at the time of traffic. Carry always about you the dignity of your family and school.

If there is a queue system at bus stop, booking windows, counters follow it scrupulously. When boarding a bus or train allow people to get down before you get in, if you are with your seniors allow them to get in first. Always give your sear to old people.

Do not litter in streets, buses or public places. Do not pass comments on people or laugh at them. Always dress yup according to the occasion. When you walk do not drag your feet. Never spit or yawn in public. Always maintain a cheerful deposition.

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