LG Rollable OLED TV / The world’s first Rollable TV

LG introduces the world’s first and only rollable TV. The specialty of this TV is its powerful technology that rolls the TV so that the LED TV fits in a single carriage. This groundbreaking technology not only re-imagines the potential of a TV but is also revolutionizing the way you use your space.


The technology in which the LG Rollable OLED TV is built provides world-class image quality that you can access in the future whenever you use your TV.


As we have seen in the running ad, the ultra-thin screen of the LG Rollable LED TV turns into a sophisticated sound system. This incredible display is only possible through OLED’s self-light pixel technology.


The signature OLED R is a work of art perfect for your luxurious lifestyle, disappearing when you want to watch TV, out of the box, and disappearing when you don’t want to.


The displays of LG Rollable LED TVs roll at three different heights – each with a unique purpose, all with a stylish look that complements your space.


It has been created keeping in mind the image of the TV viewers, it has whatever you want. Rollable LED TVs are not something you have seen so far.


  • Unique design
  • Unprecedented effectiveness
  • View your favorite content in full view mode,
  • Set the mood carefully in the line view, or
  • Make the most of your space in Zero View.


Do you want to buy it, if yes, we suggest you contact the LG representative? By which you will get good information about its exact price and features.


You will also find that if you are thinking of adding an LG SIGNATURE OLED R to your home or have questions about unprecedented rolling technology, the LG team is here to help.


You can find contact information for a representative in your area from the link below: https://www.lg.com/global/lg-signature/rollable-oled-tv-r/contact-a-representative


You can also contact a representative in your area by emailing lgindiaenquiry@lge.com or calling +91-0120-6275400.

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