Mother Savitribai Phule – Why did the Country Forget the First Female Teacher

After all, Why did the Country Forget the First Female TeacherWhy Mother Savitribai Phule is not mentioned on Teacher’s Day – Do you know – A Glimpse of Freedom – Story of Neera Arya


In my sense, an educated person is someone who teaches you the science of living. The first teacher for a child is his mother, he makes him feel like a teacher. Friends, a society is made up of two people, “Men and Women“.


A good society is formed when women and men get equal rights, in our country, women society has been deprived of education for centuries, when religious superstition, orthodoxy, Untouchability, mental and physical atrocities on Dalits and especially women of all classes were at their peak.


Child marriage, sati practice, killing daughters from birth, various types of inappropriate behavior with widow, mismatched marriage, multi-wife marriage, etc. were prevalent in the society.


The society was dominated by Brahminism and casteism, at a time when mother Savitribai Phule and Jyotibafule’s stand against this unjust society and its atrocities was the beginning of a revolution.


Mother Savitribai Phule, through her selfless love, social commitment, ingenuity, and her untiring-meaningful efforts, had empowered women and the exploited society to get an education.


Mother Savitribai Phule broke religious superstition stereotypes fearlessly and bravely roam from door to door, lit a revolution of education for the entire women and Dalit society, religious pundits abused them vulgarly, said to drown religion and many stigmas Planted, even stones and dung were thrown at them.


Many attempts were made by mother Savitribai to close schools run for girls. Mother Savitribai would sit at home fearfully, so she was harassed by the upper class in many ways. Once, a person was also physically assaulted by him.


Then Savitribai Phule braved a lot and in the face of that person, he slapped two or three slaps tightly. The person became so embarrassed after slapping that he never tried to stop them from going to school again. Mother Savitribai, by her untiring efforts, shook the land of the high caste who had been holding a monopoly on education in a conspiratorial way.


Mother Savitribai has the historical distinction of becoming the first Indian female teacher. Maa SavitriBai not only did unprecedented work in the field of education but she also formed the Mahila Mandal in 1852 to improve the condition of the Indian woman and led the first women movement.


This Mahila Mandal fought for social change by closing the front of women and other societies against the oppression being done on women due to child marriage, widowhood.


At that time, when a Hindu woman was widowed, her head was shaved. Mother Savatribai Phule launched a movement requesting the hairdressers not to cut the hair of the widows in which a large number of the hairdressers participated and vowed not to cut the hair of the widows.


History is witness to India, is there not such a powerful movement in the whole world in which the male caste is directly associated with women against the physical and mental atrocities on the woman. History is witness that in our society women were worth less than an animal.


When a woman was widowed, she was physically abused by her family men such as her brother-in-law, brother-in-law, father-in-law, and other relatives. Due to which she became a mother many times, to avoid slander, the widow either committed suicide or killed her illegitimate child.


With her illegitimate child, she does not have to be hurt herself and does not kill her unborn child, with the aim that mother Savitribai Phule opened India’s first “child murder restrictive home” and orphanage for destitute helpless women.


Savitribai Phule, a widow who was going to commit suicide, was a “Brahmin” woman named Kashibai, who was about to become a mother even after she was widowed. Preventing her from committing suicide, Savitribai took her into her home and adopted her child Yashwant as her adopted son. Savitribai Phule raised adopted son Yashwant Rao himself and raised him as a doctor.


The entire arrangement of the orphanage was handled by Mother Savitribai. At the entrance of the orphanage, a board was placed on which it was written that the widow can come here and give birth to her child secretly and safely, you can take your child, or leave it here.


This orphanage will keep your child like a mother, and protect her. Within a year or two, more than 100 widows gave birth to their illegitimate children in this ashram.


The life of mother Savitribai Phule is such a torch, which ignited itself and taught the Indian woman to live with respect for the first time.


Due to the efforts of Mother Savitribai, the old Indian women who had been stuffed with them for centuries, freed them from the shackles and for the first time, the Indian woman stepped in step with the men and breathed in the open air.


Women got the right to education in their company.

– Vimal Varun

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