Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot – Some films are shot in such lovely and luxurious places that people wish to settle there. In this article, I tried to give you details about the location of shooting Oscar profitable films. We hope you enjoy studying each of the flicks and the gorgeous locations they were shot at.


12 Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

1) Schindler’s List (1993)

Schindler’s List

The film is fantastic about the life story of Oscar Schindler’, the owner of a production facility and owned by World Conflict II.


The film tells the story of this big-hearted man who was skillfully done by Liam Neeson to save hundreds of Jews from the gasoline chambers of the Nazis during the conflict.


Grass director Steven Spielberg may have been the best film to have received 7 Oscar awards when he skillfully shot this endearing biographical story.


The film, which topped the checklist of my favorite films, was shot in Poland and Israel.

Several photographs were shot in Krakow, the previous capital of Poland. Krakow entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010 and positively deserves it.


Within the film, Schindler’s manufacturing facility is currently a precision manufacturing facility that produces electrical parts.


St. Mary’s Church, the Jews’ secret meeting place, is, without doubt, one of the most essential non-exclusive facilities in Krakow and a Gothic architectural type of church within the 14th century.


After the film was filmed besides. On Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Oscar Schindler’s tomb is located. This half, which is an emotional scene, additionally deeply impressed me.


You will get detailed information about the film from the IMDb: Shindler’s list.


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2) Forest Lump – 1994


Forrest Gump, who received 6 Oscars, is without a doubt one of those films that touch a person’s heart.

Forrest Gump started telling his life story by sitting on a bus on Chippewa Shaka at a financial institution. In Savannah, Georgia, USA. We are almost wrong in that naive story.


Although the bench used on stage is not accessible at this time, you will still be able to see the idol within the film on this lovely square.


The film, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, was shot in the cities of Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina in the US.


The Beaufort location in the state of South Carolina is essentially used for the most famous scenes within the film.

Some scenes in Vietnam were shot in Frap Island, South Carolina. The island remains one of the many style resorts due to its beautiful nature and local weather.


South Carolina University, based in Los Angeles, favored the college scene.


The film’s unforgettable shifting scenes were shot on Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a 755 km long nationwide park recognized for its pure grandeur.


Whenever you watch this profitable film, which uses the southern states of the USA in taking pictures, you want to see these lovely places.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Forrest Gump

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

3) Braveheart (1995) – 1995


Courageous Coronary Heart, starring and directing Mel Gibson in addition to 5 Oscars.


In this semi-fictional film, the life of the Scottish knight William Wallace, who sings the flag of freedom in opposition to England, is described.


So although it is thought that the film was shot entirely in Scotland, a lot of the film’s scenes were shot in the year.

First, let’s discuss the scenes shot in Scotland. Within the taking of photos, Leven Lake (Loch Leven) between Edinburgh and Perth in the northern part of the nation was often called the “Highlands”, it is, without doubt, one of the places where the Outlander sequence was shot. This place in Scotland has received many views recently due to its beautiful surroundings.


Places to take pictures at Year Embody County Monastery, County Kildare and County Dublin.


Curragh Plains and County Kildare were used for battle scenes.


Another place where the film was shot is 1 hour away from Dublin. Located in the County Monastery, the largest Norman stronghold of the Array, this magnificent palace was used within the film as the York Metropolis.

The scene where the princess was chatting with her maid was filmed on bective abbey close to the palace. It is a monastery that was located in 1147, situated on the banks of the Boyne River in Array, which has magnificent relics. Due to this, the film is captured within a historical type.


IMDb: You will get detailed information about the film from Braveheart


4) Life is Beautiful (La Vita B Bella) – 1997


Directed by Italian director Roberto Benigni, he is attending the main event in this amazing film.


The play is about the sacrifices made by a Jewish father who, along with his spouse and son, was taken to Focus Camp in World War II for the safety of his young partner.


When such a powerful story was made so well, he received an Oscar for Best International Film, Best Actor, and Best Music.


The film, which I am almost certainly lovingly watching, was shot in Arezzo, Italy.


Located in the course of Florence and Rome, this charming metropolis is located within the Tuscany region. I believe that you can be completely satisfied by visiting museums, squares, and church buildings on this scorched metropolis that can make your life beautiful.


Also, individuals in the city have excellent possession of the film shot in their metropolis. A lot of informative indicators are showing the location where each body of the film was shot.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: La Vita e Bella


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5) Gladiator (2000)

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

The film Gladiator starring Russell Crowe has 5 Oscars.


This historical drama film shot by Ridley Scott tells the life story of Maximus, a former Roman general. Maximus is attempting to avenge the emperor who killed his house and sends him to slavery through the film.

A large part of the film, famous for its battle scenes, was shot at Ait Ben Haddou, one of Morocco’s essential historical cities. This place was accepted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Web Site in 1987.


The film’s opening and battle scenes were shot in the woods of Bourne Woods, England.


A replica of the Colosseum in Rome, Maximus had gladiatorial fights, manufactured by the crew on the island of Malta.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Gladiator


6) Moulin Rouge! (Red Mill) – 2001

Moulin Rouge directed by Baz Luhrmann! The film is a romantic musical.


Nicole Kidman and Evan McGregor star in 2 Oscar-winning films.


This beloved film with shifting music tells the story of a poet British boy who fell in love with a cabaret actress who had a fatal disease.


Although Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris, the vast majority of the film was shot at Fox Studios in Sydney.

However, the screenwriter spent several times in Montmarte, Paris for inspiration and analysis. A part of the film was also shot in Sydney’s New South Wales space.


Finally, the studio was used in Madrid, Spain.


This shows us that producers are sensible in Hollywood. They will shoot a film in Australia and Spain and give us a feeling of France.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Moulin Rouge!


7) Slumdog Millionaire (Millionaire) – 2008

The 8-award profitable Slumdog Millionaire film relies on Vikas Swarup’s e-book ‘Q&A‘.


The film, screened by Vishal Patel, is the story of a younger man in a poorly ranked juhu in India who competed in the competition who ‘aspires to be a millionaire’.


The film was shot in Mumbai, India. Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is located on the island of Salsette.


While answering each question within the contestants, the film’s teenager recounts a previous memory. Remembering these, as most of his life was spent in slums, the photographs were shot in Juhu and Dharavi areas.


Although these areas in India may seem real to some and complex to others, their recognition has increased considerably due to that film.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Slumdog Millionaire

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

8) Avatar – 2009

Avatar, written and directed by James Cameron, is a science fiction film utilizing 3D expertise.


This candid film, which created much bliss in its time and introduced a three-dimensional film Fury into our lives as a three-dimensional film, has three Oscar awards.


Almost all of the film was set on a fictional planet referred to as “Pandora“, which was shot in Hawaii. The place that influenced the film known as Zhangjiajie Nationwide Forest Park in China.


This lovely park, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992, is now filled with holidays.


The spectacular world of this film has been remade into an amusement park by Disney, with the best field workplace income on Earth. The park, often called “The World of Pandora-Avatar”, is located within the Bay Lake space of Florida, United States.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Avatar


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9) Les Miserables – 2012


Composed with the novel of the same identity, Victor Hugo, Les Miserables is a British-produced musical drama film.


Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amessa Seafried in Les Miserables. The film, which holds three Oscars, tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former prisoner.

I once again come to you with superb data. Although the film takes place in France, it was shot primarily in England. British cities are shot in Greenwich, London, Chatham, Winchester, Tub, and Portsmouth. Thankfully a part of the film was shot in Gourdon, France.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: Les Miserables


10) The Revenant (Resurgence) – 2015

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

Mexican director Alejandro González Iñéritu’s film ‘The Revenant‘ was awarded three Oscars.


Tailored by the similar identity e-book by Michael Punke, the film is within the biographical thriller genre. The film tells the story of a fur hunter who was struggling with resentment after being attacked by a bear.


Leonardo DiCaprio, who performed at the ceremony, received the “Best Actor” Oscar because of its profitable performance.


The film was put to pure gentle use in Canada, the US, and Argentina.


Charming in Alberta, Canada was filmed within a spectacular march of Wally and DiCaprio. The fort mountains within the area were furthermore used for shooting an avalanche scene.

In Squamish Valley in British Columbia, an unforgettable scene was filmed where Leonardo DiCaprio encountered a bear.


The Kootenai Falls within the US state of Montana was used to visualize the location where native individuals collide.


When the final scenes were shot, when the climate had scorched much of Canada, filming was completed within the icy locations of the Olivia River in Argentina.


You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: The Revenant


11) Mad Max: Fury Road – 2015


George Miller each wrote and directed the motion film Mad Max: Fury Highway, which was shot without using synthetic results.


Fury Highway, the fourth film within the ‘Mad Max’ sequel, has 6 Oscar Awards.


Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the film takes place in a world where nuclear civilizations have collapsed.


Deserts are widespread in the world, the film was shot in the Namib Desert of Africa.


The film would normally be shot in Australia. However, this nation, which is a truly dry region, immediately became inexperienced due to heavy rains.


So he went to shoot in Namibia. They are reasonable, as a result of such an inexperienced environment, Mad Max would not be suitable for the world.


You will get a detailed description of the film from IMDb: Mad Max: Fury Highway.


12) La La Land (City of Lovers) – 2016

La La Land is a romantic musical film written and directed by La La Zezel.


The film tells of the love of artwork lovers Mia and Sebastian, who are crossing the streets in Los Angeles, attempting to fulfill their wishes.

Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, this beloved film received 6 Oscars.


The film was shot in Los Angeles. Hollywood Hills, South Pasadena, Harmosa Seaside, Angels Flight, and Colorado Avenue Bridge are filmed.


The film’s 1920s home may be located in California Lambi Seaside. The film is a very Hollywood story, it covers the places from which it was given.

Know Where Oscar-Award-Winning Foreign Films Were Shot

You will get detailed information about the film from IMDb: La La Land


I hope you supported the figures related to the Oscar-awarded films and the locations they shot. Hopefully, you will be able to visit these beautiful places and breathe the atmosphere of the films.

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