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See Pirate X Pirate Token Game Play NFT Tokenomics Roadmap Team Partner Whitepaper and more information here website https://piratexpirate.io/


Pirate X Pirate is a Blockchain gaming platform with a pirate theme. It is a world where you earn through your adventures across the high seas. Recruit your crew, form your fleet, and test your prowess battling against other pirates to earn money. With your fleet, you will participate in building a pirate metaverse with its own self-contained economy.


Pirate X Pirate Token


Gamp Play



There are multiple types of quests available for your pirates to venture into. A quest requires at least a ship and a captain. Bonus rewards can be earned by assigning additional crew to the quest. The time required for each quest can be reduced with the special skills of the crew.



The game deploys turn-based mechanics with dice rolling. Then you will play action cards to steer the outcomes of the bout Each ship part provides a unique card with its specific skill set. A skill requires a certain number of faces from your rolled dice.



Each island varies in size and provides different resources. The bigger the island, the more plot available for potential growth. Buildings can be built on an island to further develop the economics in the game



piratexpirate nft ship piratexpirate nft ship

Pirate-X-Pirate Tokenomic


Toral Supply: 1000,000.000 PxP

Angel Rpund: 1.25%

Strategic Round: 7.00%

Private Round: 6.00%

Public Round: 3.00%

Liquidity MM. Incentives: 12 50%

Ecosystem, Rftvards: 36.00%

Marketing Community: 6.00%

Platform Development: 8.25%

Team: 15.00%

Advisor: 5.00%


Pirate-X-Pirate Roadmap


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Telegtam: https://t.me/piratexpiratecommu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PirateXPirate

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PXPNFTsGame

Discord: https://discord.gg/PYGnb5HWrt

Medium: https://medium.com/@PirateXPirateNFTsGame

Website: https://piratexpirate.io/

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