Realme 7 is on sale / Attracts attention with Sony’s 64MP camera,

The ability to attract attention to fast charging capability and camera installation, especially for young people indicated that the new smartphone Realm 7’s is floating in India.


Realme 7 combines a 90Hz Ultra Fluent Display, 30W Dart Charge, 5000mAh battery, and powerful processor for high performance.


Sony 64MP Sharper Photos with Ultra Wide Angle Quad Camera Setup

Realme 7, which includes the Sony 64MP wide-angle quad-camera setup, brings it to the price segment of the Ra.14999/- for the launch period.


The Sony IMX882, a 64MP main camera, comes with an f / 1.8 aperture and an industry-leading ratio of 1-1.73, enabling high-resolution photos of 6944 × 9248.


The device also supports Star, Tripod, Portrait, Panorama, and other modes. It also includes the most popular night filters for capturing unique night scenes, including Cyberpunk, Flamingo, and Modern Gold.


It has an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens with 119 ° viewing and f / 2.3 aperture. In addition, its 4 cm special microlens with f / 2.4 large aperture helps to hold close objects in the best quality and helps users get attracted to the micro world.


The black and white portrait lens serves as an accessory to the main lens and helps in taking creative portraits.


Fast charging with 30W dart charger and large 5000mAh battery

Realme 7, with its larger 5000mAh battery, offers a longer service life, eliminating the worry of low battery. With a 30W dart charge, the phone can reach a 50% charge rate in 26 minutes.


The Realme 30W Dart Charger adopts low voltage and high current solutions for both safety and efficiency.


Inspired by nature’s mirror feature, the Realme 7 series attracts attention with its bright mirror design. Its bold design that provides a new visual effect combines with striking lighting effects to create natural beauty. Popular AR processing with classic CD design makes the phone look better quality.


The games are smooth with its 90Hz display and powerful processor

The Realme 7, which was designed to offer high performance specifically for games, was the first smartphone to use the Helio G95, while the Antu had reached the 300,000 marks.


The screen/body ratio of Realme 7, which has a perforated 6.5-inch FHD + Ultra Fluent screen, is 90.5%. All these advanced features make Realme 7 an ideal choice for gaming among its counterparts.


The phone uses an integrated fingerprint sensor with buttons on the side for information security.


Realme 7, the first smartphone with a Sony 64MP wide-angle quad-camera setup, makes gaming more enjoyable with its 5000 mAh large battery and 30 W dart charger that allows charging the phone while playing games.


Its excellent 8-core processor and 90Hz ultra fluent display make Realme 7 the perfect choice for youngsters who need high performance and provide users with a better experience.


Realm 7 Price in India

Realme became the first smartphone manufacturer to bring the Sony 64MP quad-camera setup to a specific Rs.14999/- to 16999/- price segment for the launch period. Realme 7 is available for sale on Amazon/Flipkart channels.

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