Suicide is Becoming an Epidemic by Beating COVID-19

Suicide is becoming an epidemic by beating COVID-19 – Even the electric media do not see it as an epidemic of suicides in the country.


The COVID pandemic does not seem to stop. It is changing under mental pressure. Inspiring suicides. The economic collapse and the declining national character are also leading to suicides along with Karona. How to get rid of this predicament.


A character from the film “3 Idiots” who (Ali Fazal) needed extra time to complete his experiment, But the Dean of his engineering college (Boman Irani) categorically refuses to give him time, And who commits suicide on the wall of his room in the hostel by writing “I Quit” ie I have lost my life.


During Joe’s funeral, Rancho (Aamir Khan) goes to the dean and says that what he considers to be suicide is actually murder because people saw the pressure of the rope on Joe’s throat, but the pressure of that poor education system did not see, which led to Joe’s death.


This new coronavirus epidemic also has the same status as “3-Idiots”. Not many people have died of COVID-19 infection. Those who have died by committing suicide, that is, suicide has taken the form of an epidemic.


However, in this context, the nationwide data will be revealed only when the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report is released in 2020, But the data that is available from various regions is certainly a matter of grave concern and the nationwide estimates based on them seem frightening.


For example, COVID-19 has caused 46 deaths in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), but 165 people have committed suicide since March 24 (when it was locked down). The MLA from Beed assembly constituency in Maharashtra has written in his letter to the Prime Minister that 30 newly married women have committed suicide in his district in the last 3 months.


The daily average of farmer suicides in Maharashtra this year is 6. Jalandhar (Punjab) From March 24 to August 7, 80 people have committed suicide. Gujarat has an average of 20 suicides reported daily. In short, it is a long list of. The reason for these suicides is given separately,


But they have one thing in common: mental pressure and stress due to lockdown and epidemic. It is important to note that in emergency situations, mental problems increase in people. Therefore, many countries allocated a budget of millions of dollars separately to deal with mental problems during this new Karona virus.


Because economic crisis also arises due to lockdown and epidemic, Therefore, the governments of many countries made arrangements to pay cooperation allowance or salary on their behalf.


Support allowance of US $ 3000 monthly and in England government paid 80% of the salary of private employees, So that private companies are not closed nor do they have to remove the employees working here.


But no such system was made in India. As a result, the companies closed down and the number of people whose sources of income were closed was about 12 crores.


However, in India, the government has given MNREGA (under which there is a guarantee provision of providing 100 days of work a year to a family member in rural areas) free ration to those living below the poverty line, amounting to support from Rs 500 to 1000 in Jan Dhan accounts. Pouring, and together announced an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees, so that people can start their work by taking loans from banks.


But this was inadequate, especially because those who were being fired from jobs or whose salaries were being cut by 30 to 50 percent, were not provided any help.


Even in this economic crisis, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased, in which the prices of daily use items (especially vegetables) started skyrocketing, electricity bills were not waived (electricity was increased 12 percent in Uttar Pradesh), planet tax And water taxes were also not waived and school fees were also not reduced.


In this background, mental stress was also to increase, and suicides also had to increase. In Dahod, Gujarat, the 46-year-old use and throw paper dish maker committed mass suicide along with his wife and three daughters; Because his work stopped in lockdown.


Two brothers who worked as goldsmiths in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk committed suicide because the pressure to repay them was increasing.


A teacher in Pilibhit committed suicide due to quitting his job.


A banker, then a woman, and then a head constable jumped their lives before the fifth floor of the Tirthankar Mahavir Medical College and Research Center in Moradabad. All three were Covid-19 positive and under tremendous stress regarding the disease.


A 28-year-old man committed suicide after he quit his job as a manager in a hotel in Moradabad because his wife did not want to live with an unemployed man and left him.


Actually, each suicide has a different story behind it, but the strings of each story are linked to the economic crisis and the Karonavirus epidemic caused by the lockdown.


Nowadays, the situation of newspapers has become that the district where they are published is limited to the local news only, that is, from the newspaper coming out of Ghaziabad, you do not know what is happening in Guwahati.


Guwahati is very far away, the news of Gonda is not available. The newspapers have lost their national character and the electronic media has put a stop to journalism. He has nothing to do with the news, just remains in his own mission.


Nowadays, Riya Chakraborty is trying to get justice for the guilty, Sushant Singh Rajput, as if the police courts have been exhausted from the country. Therefore, he does not see that suicide in the country has taken the form of an epidemic and nowadays almost every district of the country is committing two to three suicides daily, as is evident from other newspapers.


Source: Newspaper

Author: Kunwar Chand Khan

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