Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency - And Treatment

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency – And Treatment

We will talk about that most people overlook and that is the lack of vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies seen in humans these days, and you also know how easy it is to take only sunshine. But if you do not take the time to do so.

Today, we are going to tell you through this page what are the major causes of vitamin D deficiency and how long you should receive sunlight and many tips related to it.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency – And Treatment

Vitamin D - Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency - And Treatment

What is Vitamin-D?

Vitamin-D is a nutrient that is not produced inside our body, but rather it is brought into our body from an external source, and its simplest solution is sunlight.

Why do we need vitamin D?

Why do we need vitamin D?

Let us understand why we need vitamin D in our body and what happens when we have vitamin D deficiency in our body, our bones are made of calcium, for their growth and strength, we need calcium in our body.

Now the calcium that we take from our diet, Vitamin D takes that calcium and phosphorus into our body. Generally speaking, calcium is not felt in our body without Vitamin D.

Because of this, it is not possible for a child to develop a bonus, the risk of osteoporosis and rickets can be a problem for the elderly.

Vitamin D is good for our bonus and tooth enhancement, as well as it maintains the level of occurrence in our body and regulates blood sugar levels.

Vitamin D is very important during pregnancy and due to its deficiency may be at risk for gestational diabetes or C category.

Who can have Vitamin-D Deficiency?

Who can have Vitamin-D Deficiency?

However, most of us have vitamin D deficiency because very few of us are able to spend time sitting in the sun.

In addition to these, there may be many reasons why we may be deficient in vitamin D, such as staying indoors for longer, living in high-polluting areas, or consuming more sunscreen.

Those whose connections are dark may also have deficiencies. Because melanin is high in their scale, it is because of their ability to absorb vitamin D in their body well.

Vitamin-D Deficiency Problems

Vitamin-D Deficiency Problems

Lack of vitamin D can cause the following problems in our body:

  • Bone may be soft
  • May increase bone breakdown
  • Bone pain

There may be muscle aches and etc.

Apart from these, falling ill often and not getting well soon can cause hair loss, sadness and frustration.

How to take vitamin D.

There are three ways that you can overcome vitamin D deficiency. And that is:

  1. The skin
  2. Diet
  3. The supplement

Know how

1. Skin

First, when it comes to skin, you have often seen Fornors soaking up the sun on the beach. They do not wear extra clothing, so that direct sunlight can read well into their body and vitamin D can enter their body and it is a good way to get vitamin D.

soaking sun on the beach

Excessive exposure to your body to receive direct sunlight, such as the arms, legs, neck area so that the skin can read more and Vitamin D can enter the body.

If you cover yourself completely and sit in the sun, you will not get the full benefit of it. If you are sitting in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes a day, that is enough. And take four or five days a week.

2. Diet

We can include many foods in our diet that contain vitamin D, such as eggs, salted fish, milk, soy milk, etc.

3. Supplements

If you are not able to meet your vitamin D deficiency in diet or sunlight, you can also take supplements from the market.

Before taking any type of vitamin D supplement, check for a vitamin D deficiency so you know how many doses you need.

Only take supplements after checkup by your doctor, as too much vitamin D can damage your body if needed.

Consequences of Taking More Vitamin D

When vitamin D is high in the body, calcium begins to accumulate in the bone, the blood vessels become tight. Haddock or nausea may be the problem. There may be problems such as loss of appetite or constipation.

Therefore, before taking a supplement, you must know how much you need each day and only take this supplement with your doctor’s advice.

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