Tips to Increase Immunity of Children


Tips to Increase Immunity of Children’ – A healthy lifestyle helps to relieve or reduce its effects. Therefore, children need to be healthy and strong through teaching, maintaining, and directing good habits.


In view of this, we have shared some tips to help you increase your child’s resistance to it. Which you need to know because you are a mother and a single mother can do it.


How to Increase Immunity of Children


Good nutrition


There must be a proper balance between vegetables and fruits.


Be sure to include all seasonal vegetable fruits and greens in your baby’s diet.


As a rule, give spinach, carrots, green beans, oranges, bananas, and apples. They contain nutrients that increase immunity such as iron, calcium and vitamin C


It produces more white blood cells and increases the ability to fight disease.


Adequate sleep


Remember that your child should have proper and adequate sleep.


Newborns need at least 18 hours of sleep and young children need 13 to 14 hours.


If the baby sleeps in a dark room, the hormone balance in the baby’s body is good.


Good sleep and good nutrition keep children active throughout the day.


Healthy / clean


It is very important that you teach your child about hygiene from the very beginning.


After the game, wash your hands after the toilet.


Teach the practice of bathing and brushing your teeth twice daily.


When traveling with your baby, keep the tissue paper with you to keep it clean.


Pay special attention to the cleanliness of your home; there should be no dust, dirt and insects in the house so that your child has problems with allergies, etc.


NOTE: If a child adopts these practices, he or she will not have an early infection. You reading tips to increase immunity of children


feeding breast


If the mother breastfeeds her newborn for 2 years, the baby does not get sick again and again.


Breast milk contains antibiotics that increase immunity and fight disease.


The first milk produced from cholesterol or the mother’s breast contains antibodies, which are especially antibodies to fight the disease.


Breastfeeding reduces your baby’s risk of asthma and allergies.


The newborn who drinks his mother’s milk for the first 6 months becomes very ill.


Morning sunshine


When the sunlight shines in the morning, the T cells become active and spread throughout the body, increasing resistance.


To supplement Vitamin D in the body of the child, it is advisable to show the baby morning sunshine at least 20 to 25 minutes. It also strengthens the baby’s immune system.


Newborns get vitamin D when taking in the morning sun and do not have jaundice.




Here we are asking children to strengthen their resistance to fighting the disease. So that children do not have to deal with the problems they face.


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