Top 5 Record of Cricketer Rishab Pant

Top 5 Record of Cricketer Rishab Pant – Rishabh Panth, the 21-year-old wicket-keeper who is in the limelight for his quick batting, has created an earthquake in the cricket world at his young age. In the IPL, it is the daring form that the good bowlers lose their senses and this is the reason that despite the success of IPL in international cricket, the Indian team sees Rishabh Panth as a winner.

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Rishabh Panth, who is being seen as his successor after Mahender Singh Dhoni, has made many such records in the opportunities that have been found so far that it will not be easy to break, especially for the Indian batsmen.

So let’s know about the records that Rishabh Panth has made in his short career:

Record of most catches in Test match

It is said that Rishab Panth is lacking in viking keeping, but you will be surprised to know that Rishabh Panth holds the record for catching the most catches in a Test match in India. Panth did this feat against Australia in 2014, catching the most 11 catches in adelaide, during which he caught six in the first innings and five catches in the second innings.

Prior to this, Wriddhiman Saha’s record of taking all-out catches for India in Test cricket was in early 2018 which took 10 catches during the match played against South Africa in Cape Town.

Asian wicket-keeper with the most runs

The second is Rishabh Panth, the first Asian wicketkeeper to score the most runs in the first innings in Asia. The 159 runs scored by the Panth is the highest score by an Asian Weekeeper after the subcontinent. Rishabh Panth has shared this record with Bangladesh batsman Mushfiqur Rahim. He scored 64 runs in Banginton against 2017 New Zealand.

Debut from Sixer

Known for his aggressive batting, Rishabh Panth made his Test debut in England and against England itself, and when he got the bat, opened the account of his runs with a six off Adim Hassan. With this, he became the only batsman from India who started his career with sixes.

Wicketkeeper to Score a Century in England

Rishabh Pant is the only wicket-keeper to have scored a century in England, scoring 114 runs in the last match of the five-match Test series in 2018, as well as becoming the second young wicketkeeper to score a century in England.

Prior to this, Mahindra Singh Dhoni had scored the most runs in an innings on the basis of India’s vicket-keeper in England but he could not score centuries in England and Australia.

Fastest Fifty Hunts Record

Rishab Panth holds the record for the fastest fifty hunting for India behind the wicket, he had forced 50 batsmen to go to the pavilions by his catches and stumping in just 11 matches. In this case, he has beaten former wicketkeeper MS Dhoni, who had hunted 50 in 15 matches.

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