10 Most Successful Female Footballers in the World

The distance men and women have come in equality is one of the most important achievements of our century.

Now women are also taking interest in sports like men and are making a different identity for themselves.

Today we will tell you about those 10 female football players who made their name in an interesting game like football.

So the name comes at number 10 on our list is "Sam Kerr" the famous star whose full name is Samantha May Kerr.

One of the most famous female representatives of Australian football.

The famous soccer player born in 1993 is Australia's top scoring female soccer player.

Having previously continued his professional career in the United States and England, Kerr is one of the most important players of the Australian national team.

She also created history as the first Australian player (male or female) to score a hat-trick in a World Cup match.

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