WhatsApp and WHO together provide information about COVID-19 through app

WhatsApp and the World Health Organization set up a team to share information about the coroner virus with users of the Chat app. It’s about statistics, tips and more.


Coronacirus (COVID-19) News via WhatsApp


There are several reports of coronavirus, known as COVID-19. Not all messages are correct. WhatsApp and Facebook are now working with WHO, the World Health Organization. The popular chat app lets users know about the coroner virus. You’ll get the most important info right on your screen right away.

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For example, you can get coronavirus statistics, read how to protect yourself, the most important information and legends, as well as travel tips, news and frequently asked questions. Of course, WHO gives you the symptoms of the coronary virus through WhatsApp. All information is in English, but you can request information from the WHO in your language.


How can you register? All you have to do is send “hi” to the WHO phone number. If you have installed WhatsApp, you can get started right through this link. It will open WhatsApp automatically and you can send instant messages. Then you will get an overview of what you can do with the service. There’s no cost involved, and you’ll only get one message when you send something yourself.

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