Zenka Loan App – Best Mobile Loan App In Kenya

Zenka Loan App is one of the best mobile loan app in Kenya. If you need money, then within a few minutes of registering on this app, money is credited to your account.


The loan can be easily obtained by downloading this loan app on mobile. If you need a loan, here’s how to get a loan through Zenka Loan App, how to register, and many more things you need to know.


So let’s move on to find out.


Download Zenka Loan App

To take a loan from Zenka, you have to first download and install this app on your mobile. If you want to download it, then Android users download it from Google Play Store and Apple users download it from the iOS store and install it.


You can also install Zenka by downloading its APK file through the website https://zenka.co.ke/.


Zenka App Registration

After the app is installed, register using your mobile number. As soon as the Zenka Loan App registration process is completed, you can start the further process for the loan.


Important Information of Zenka Loan App in Kenya


Customers can express their choice for 61 days.


Processing fee of 61 days loan repayment terms 9-39% *


Processing Fee: KSh 45 – KSh 5,800 to one-time fee.


Loan Amount: From KSH 500 to KSH 30,000.


Go ahead with Jenker and make your limit up to KSH 30,000 by repaying your loan on time.


For example, for a 61-day loan with a principal amount of KSh 1,000, the processing fee will be KSh290 and the total outstanding amount will be KSh 1,290.


Customers have the opportunity to extend their loan repayment period by 12 months (Gencaflexi option).


Terms and Conditions: Zenka charges a processing fee of -3-9% * of the original amount. There is no minimum payment period for payment; Customers can pay their principal at any time after delivery. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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