Car Inspection Tips before You Start Driving

Many of us are so busy with work that we neglect or do not have time to service our personal vehicles.


Moreover, this festive season again requires a thorough inspection of automobiles to travel back to the village and then to their respective homes.


If we don’t handle the automobile correctly, it can really affect the value when it comes time to boost it or just break down at any time.


Here are 7 easy and helpful automobile inspection tricks to follow.

Tire Inspection

The service life of tires can last longer if the tires they receive stress are used properly.


The correct air pressure is set by the vehicle manufacturer and is indicated in either the driver’s door or the gas cap. Air pressure depends on the model, model, and current load of the vehicle.


It is very useful to check tire strain with replacement tires at least once a month before long journeys, and when vehicle loads change.


Brake Problem

Brakes are an important part of an automobile to ensure the safety of the driving force and passengers.


Some of the indicators of decreased braking efficiency can be traced through the following signs:

The noise produced on the brakes had to be pressed further to the ground than on conventional brakes. Abnormal vibrations are felt when the brakes are necessary, fitting or pulling to the left to apply the brakes to the automobile.



Periodic checks on the amount of liquid in the automobile cooling system should be carried out on the radiator that serves to cool the automobile engine.


Before opening the lid on the radiator, first, try to see if the radiator coolant has reached the “Full” or “Max” line after the cooling reservoir.


If the liquid doesn’t reach the “Full” line, add a combination of 50% water and 50% coolant. Some coolants have been mixed with water, so verify the bottle to see if we need to add water or just use it right away. Avoid including unless the limit exceeds the “absolute” line.


You are reminded to be careful and never pour automobile coolant while the engine is still heating up! If while driving, the temperature needle rises to “H”, you should stop the car and wait for it to cool down before checking the position.


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Test Automobile Battery

If a vehicle’s digital system acts erratically, like the remote control key or the inside light, it could be due to a car battery problem.


To maintain the efficiency of automobile batteries at an optimum level, we are tempted to check automobile batteries twice a year.


Most service features offer a free battery test that only takes 5 minutes.



Disturbed windshield wipers can interfere with our imagination and presentation and put road safety at risk, especially during heavy rains.

Simple exercises to clean the windshield every time we fill the oil tank include cleaning the dirt on the wiper blades with damp tissue, in addition to inspecting for any cracks on the blades.


Black Oil

Engine oil is the lifeblood of our automobiles and must be modified keeping in mind the length of use or the entire distance traveled.


Generally, semi-synthetic type engine oil can be used for 5,000 km or three months while full synthetic type oil can be used for 10,000 km or 6 months.


It is best to stay away from delaying an engine oil change, as it can actually trigger the formation of sediment and damage the engine’s interior.


Car Emergency Kit

A vehicle emergency package is one of the important issues that drivers want to provide as vehicle damage can happen anywhere and suddenly.


Equipment that is part of each vehicle emergency package includes:


  • fully charged cellular phone
  • first aid package
  • fire extinguisher
  • reflective warning triangle
  • jumper cable
  • waterproof flashlight with extra battery
  • gloves
  • cloth
  • duct tape
  • a flexible utility tool
  • raincoat


Car care is essential, especially when it comes to safety. Who can trust a vehicle to stop in the middle of the road??


Therefore, make sure the automobile inspection is complete and if you have any doubts about your vehicle it is best to ask those who know more.


Hopefully, these momentary automobile care tips will enable you to conduct a vehicle inspection yourself just before you start the journey.


Note: Apart from this, we should also follow all the traffic rules as directed by the Federal Road Safety Course (FRSC) so that no one becomes a victim of any kind of accident.

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